Dangerous bacteria spreading through Europe and causing panic in the world

According news.mail.ru, German authorities claim that the source of a mysterious intestinal infection are still the bean sprouts from local farms. Cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables, the Ministry of Health of Germany be safe, but with soy need to be very careful — it is not recommended to buy. Sick for almost three thousand dead — 30.

After many trials and protests of German farmers, many of whom are desperate already begun to destroy their crops and vegetables in Germany yet rehabilitated. Doctors, carrying out all the necessary checks, today officially stated — cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce are not a health hazard and can be safely eaten.

But here's what you can not eat the food — at this point the German scientists consensus is still no. The search for the source of infection continues. Experts examine potentially dangerous products on farms, supermarkets and restaurants. Suspicion fell on the newly legumes, primarily on beansprouts.

But health services once again repeat: check proceeds, formal conclusions can yet. Meanwhile, the number of victims of infection is growing. In Germany, 29 people died. Moreover, cases of death are recorded not only in Lower Saxony, but in yet another federal land — Hessen. Hospitals, outbreaks of disease areas hardly cope with the influx of casualties.

"For all of us it is a very difficult situation. Patients very much. People are afraid to seek help at the first symptoms. Everybody is afraid that they have confirmed a dangerous disease, "- says the doctor, Mark Voss.

Meanwhile, the infection continues to cover all of the new Europe. The first case was recorded in Slovakia. The patient was taken to hospital in serious condition.

Dangerous kind of bacteria found in the Netherlands. And the Dutch experts say that the source of the spread of disease were not cucumber, beansprouts and beet seedlings.

Covering the European countries, the infection has already caused a stir outside the Old World. In Thailand, delayed shipment of avocados imported from Spain. It turned out that the fruit infected with Escherichia coli. Now, in the presence of journalists all products imported into these days in Europe, loaded into a car and go on check.

"We tightened control of all imported goods. Not only from Spain and Germany, but also from other European countries, "- said the representative of the Office for the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand Amarint Nantavitayaporn.

Authorities were quick to reassure the population: there are several types of bacteria. And not the fact that the country has got is the one that struck Europe. But the government has appealed to the people to call only buy local fruit and vegetables.

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