Day 7 God KUPALA Hale? Mk A? Then 7519

GOD KUPALA (grade) — the God who gives him the opportunity to create all sorts of ablutions and the rite of purification Teles, Soul and Spirit from various ailments, diseases. God guided him in joyful and happy life.

Kupala — hilarious and wonderful God, dressed in light white dress decorated with flowers. On the head of God Kupala wreath of beautiful flowers. Kupala worshiped as the God of the warm season of Summer, wild flowers and fruits of the field.

Many Slavic-Aryan Childbirth involved field crops, considered on a par with God Kupala Makosh Goddess Tara and Goddess and Gods — Perun and Veles.

Before the beginning of the harvest and collection of field fruit, in honor of God Kupala celebrated holiday on which God Kupala, as well as all the ancient gods and ancestors brought bloodless sacrifice.

At the Feast of Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings their bloodless sacrifices and rites thrown into the fire of the Holy Altar Svastichnogo that all the sacrifice appeared on the holiday table of the gods and ancestors.

After taking her bloodless sacrifice of the living fire of the Holy Altar Svastichnogo community members lit candles and ognevitsy that fasten to the wreaths and rafts and sent along the rivers.

In this case, a candle or ognevitsu, Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings of different communities slander his heart's desire or request for deliverance from ailments, diseases, every failure, various issues, etc. This ritual can be explained as follows.

A candle lights or ognevitsa request or desire to commoners, the water of the river and stores it evaporates and rises to heaven, bringing to the gods all the requests and desires of Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings.

On a holiday, each of the Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings should undergo a complete cleaning, so completely cleared to start collecting the fruits of field and the beginning of the harvest field. Complete cleansing of the Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings consists of three parts:

The first cleansing (of the body). Everyone present at the event on the day of God Kupala shall wash his body in the sacred waters (rivers, lakes, etc.), to wash off the dirt and fatigue.

The second purification (purification of the soul). To present at the event on the day of God Kupala to purify his soul, big fires are lit, and everyone jump through these fires, for the fire burns all the negativity and cleanses the aura and the human spirit.

Third cleansing (Spirit). Each community member Starover present at the celebration of God Kupala Day, and anyone can clean up and strengthen your spirit. To do this, a large fire burning coals creates a circle of fire in which Conservatives-Ynglings from different genera, Slavic and Aryan Communities barefoot. Those wishing who first dared to pass over the coals, so clean and strengthen your spirit, community members are in a circle of fire arm.

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