Deception as a propaganda tool

Propaganda by renaming the.

One of the methods used by totalitarian regimes, is the formation of the right ideas in mind by introducing distorted notions. Ron Hubbard in one of his works he wrote, "If a new definition repeated enough times that, by changing the meaning of a word can change public opinion." It's just trying to get to the term "sect", which once meant a small group of peaceful believers. Now, thanks to the active replication of the "new value" of the word through the media, it becomes negative. His "modernized" the epithet "totalitarian", by the way, the term was used in a positive sense ideologues Italian fascists.

We can say that the propagandists are trying to change people's minds, replacing the concept of "freedom of conscience" concept "dangerous sect". By the way, experts categorically rejected the use of these terms in the practice of religion. This "tool" as a substitution of concepts, widely used for political purposes. Among which are such important concepts as "freedom, democracy, justice," terms that may affect the rights and freedom of nations.

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