Decrypted unique manuscripts of Christ


A new source of evidence about Jesus Christ and the final years of his earthly life, probably, having found the world of science. Experts managed to decipher part of the sacred text, caused two thousand years ago made of lead sheets manuscripts.

About 70 books, each of which contains several pages stitched lead wire were found five years ago in the north of Jordan. However, this is a unique find was kept a closely guarded secret as secret attempts were made to sell rare books, notes the Kyiv Post.

After several potential buyers have turned to scientists for examination of the authenticity, the public learned about the treasure. As the "" on made of thin sheets of lead caused the encrypted text, based on the Hebrew language — Hebrew. However, its authors used and hieroglyphs.

And then, finally, experts from Oxford University managed to decipher the text. It speaks of the Messiah and the Ascension. According to scientists, it is about Christ. As expected, the official announcement of the partial decoding of the books take place in the near future, says "Rosbalt".

Two years ago, the Vatican archives historian Barbara Frale said it was able to partially read virtually invisible writing on the Shroud of Turin, which supposedly prove the authenticity of the famous Christian relics.

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