Degradation of society: Is there a way out?

Degradation of society: Is there a way out?The fact that our society is rapidly deteriorating, now it is no secret.
But whether that happens, it is called degradation? After all, between it and the change in morality still a difference.

In order to understand this question, it is necessary to consider the problem from different perspectives. On the one hand, the degradation of the seemingly logical conclusion is the development of human society.

Scientific and technological progress and similar events have facilitated the lives of every person using the benefits of civilization. We can say that the degradation — it's just a result of what life has become easier, better living conditions and human weight, which is just mindlessly enjoy all that it offers progress grows dull.

After all, for most it is getting a variety of pleasures in life plays a significant role. People learn, work, think of it in order to subsequently learn, not to work and not to think. Perhaps degradation — a natural process. After all, what is evolution? The accumulation of a variety of abnormalities, and not necessarily those that occur in the direction of improvement. It is also interesting idea that from an evolutionary point of view, a complete idiot not worse than, for example, a mathematical genius — matter who wins in the end of the evolutionary process.

And where will the genius, not even them, but just a clever, well-rounded people?
The quality of education has plummeted and continues to go down. Working system of education, which gives positive results, now hastily and carelessly break, forcing the Western system of education, not even thinking about the fact that it may not be effective in our society. The learning process, both in secondary and in higher education, simplified so that any person, doing the bare minimum of effort, can get an education. But what is quality? And what a professional manufacture of high schools?

Bologna system with its gradation, modular controls, abolition of examinations simply ineffective. Perhaps her idea at all bad, and somewhere it is applied with success. But not in our country, where the majority are accustomed to live by the principle "and so goes", where it is possible to pay for all that with which there is no desire to understand.

Scary statistic: only 7% of parents read books to their children. In 1987, this percentage was 80. The difference is noticeable and it makes you wonder. People do not read, stop thinking and do not feel this need. This will replace the Internet with the often low quality information, with a bad TV movie, in which he played incompetent actors, they work with the same directors, and all the subjects as if sucked from the finger.

And all this despite the fact that there is an opportunity to develop. You just need to see them. No banned books, there are no forbidden topics, there is nothing illegal. Only the most do not even see the opportunities in front of their eyes. People choose the most boring life, and out of all the permitted — only the most nasty. Even life and mere existence: to work to eat, eat, to live and live to work. Periodically, there are so-called holiday — always with alcohol (and more), and if the nature — hence, it is necessary to leave behind tons of debris that will be so degraded by centuries, because it is simply no one to clean.

Why? Because anything else just does not occur, because the level of development is so low that such a life is sufficient for happiness. But the fact that it is primitive — it is quite noticeable. On it is just not being addressed, and if there is someone who thinks about it, it is driving these thoughts, "because all that live."

That can be seen on the main street of the city in the evening? Many drunks. Drunk teenagers, middle-aged, foul language, retirees collecting bottles. And the police, with the fervor of patrolling all this beauty.

In the morning — angry people of all ages who are late somewhere and try to get into a clogged public transport, with otpihnuv those who are physically weaker. This is our society. We live in it. Where did all this come from? It seems to me that the root of the problem — the changing moral values of each person, and thus the change of moral society.

Morality is simply lost. Mother can throw a child who has just been born. Father can choose what is more important to him the money — or the lives of children. Adults bastards will beat defenseless, considering that this is normal. Everyone loves to drink a third — and this is not considered to be something out of the ordinary. If a drunken father beats his child or wife, is no surprise. Politicians are stealing money from people. Evening scared to go out alone — too likely to be robbed, maybe even killed. In such a society, just scared to live.

But what happens to the people? Perhaps even more noble animals. It should allow a person to do what he wants, as he immediately begins to descend, deteriorate in every sense. If you give one power over the other, it is almost one hundred percent will abuse it in the name of their personal interests and to assert itself.

Perhaps this is so because all you can? That nothing is unforgivable? It was possible to be drunk at the wheel run over a few people, and then pay for it all, not to incur penalties and quietly move on, just forget about it. Frightening is the fact that people can live in peace with it. That's a level of morality.

Our "middle class" is finally overcame the old norms of honor and dignity. They did not hold. Personal conscience, of course, remains, but it has no socially controlled rules are not so effective. Yes, a man in the soul repents, and society slipping in the mud.

And so on, ad infinitum, until we either do not die out, or do not understand that something needs to change.

Andryukhina VA

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