Detainees Sannikov Khalip Kastusyou, Rymashevski, Statkevich

After the events on Independence Square detained former presidential candidates Grigory Kostusev, Vitaly Rymashevsky, Nikolai Statkevich and Andrei Sannikov.

According to the press secretary Alexander Sannikov Otroshchenkov, called him Khalip and has had to report that they are picked up, and the line went dead. On Sannikov have information that he had serious injuries, possibly a broken leg.

As the Yanukevich, trustee Gregory Kastusiou, approximately at 23:45 car, which left the square Kastusyou, blocked the traffic police, it perasadildi into a police car. Kastusyou had to call that he was being taken to the police department, Leninsky district, at the intersection of Lenin Komsomol. According to Alexei Yanukevich when the police dropped the equipment, got Kastusyou repeatedly clubbed on the head.

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