Dolphinarium near Novosibirsk Zoo will appear in 2013

Novosibirsk city administration agreed to the construction of a dolphinarium near Novosibirsk Zoo, which can be built for 2013, reported on the city investsovete Head of Economic Department, Strategic Planning and Investment Policy Olga Molchanov.

"During this period the zoo together with the investor to develop the design documentation. Currently under development is a working draft," — she said.

According Molchanova, on land adjacent to the zoo, planned to build houses the dolphinarium, the pavilion for small monkeys and penguins, cafés and substations. Height dolphinarium with a glass dome 18.3 meters, length — 91.8 meters.

She said that the dolphin is designed for 650 spectators, will hold three performances a day. Investor Ltd. "The waters" have bought in Sochi three dolphins, three sea lions and three sea lions, now they are trained.

Molchanov said that the investment agreement was signed in December 2011, he agreed with the mayor's office. In addition, the already received all the technical terms, made a partial enclosure of land that has already been granted, and the removal of power lines and the collector.

Construction can begin after the allocation of the second plot, which is currently not in the municipal and regional ownership. Resolve the land issue and execute all documents will be during the winter.

In addition to the arena and pool, which will be live animals, dolphins project has three swimming pools for therapeutic procedures. It will work with children with diseases of the central nervous system.

"At present, there are buildings in Russia, except in Sochi, are not present," — said Molchanov.

The entire project is estimated at 328 million rubles, of which 200 million rubles — a dolphinarium, 100 million rubles — a pavilion for small monkeys and penguins.

According Molchanova construction period of one year. After the project is a dolphinarium and cafes will be owned by the investor, the pavilion — the city.

According to zoo director Rostislav Shilo, in the future can be created summer pool, where dolphins will live, and not act.

"These pools are in the U.S.. Comfortable there, but our loved ones can not be allowed, because they usually throw something and then die dolphin. We think over it," — he said.

Also, the zoo director said that currently receive a lot of calls from parents of children with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which shows a dolphin. At present, residents of Siberia go for it abroad, and the presence of a dolphinarium in Novosibirsk will be a great help for them.

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