Earthlings have deciphered the message from the cosmos!


We are dealing with a unique phenomenon … Scientists from the U.S. planetary community (Planetary Society) reported today that the telescope observatory at Harvard recorded three light signal of extragalactic origin.

"Telescope Observatory at Harvard University, developed specifically for the search light signals recorded for the first time today, three bright signal from another galaxy — said planetary scientist Bruce Murray (Bruce Murray). — The signals come in series, with the same period of 265 minutes of stellar galaxy M31 (Andromeda or). "

According to the scientist, the first two signals are processed and decoded. "On the sensations too early to say, — the scientist — but we are dealing with a unique phenomenon."

Scientists at this hour reliably established that the light signals from another galaxy — it's nothing more than a written message, written in Latin letters.

The first signal light — is beech X — «X». The second signal is very similar to the letter Y Authority — «Y».

Now scientists are looking forward to decrypt the third character, and then try to understand the meaning of extraterrestrial message.

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