Eleven major myths about sleep


Adelaide Sigidov

Lovers of solid sleep holidays: March 1st is the World Sleep Day, established at the suggestion of the World Mental Health Foundation, and today, March 21, held another World Sleep Day — within the framework of the World Health Organization (WHO) on sleep and health.

At a press conference in advance of the event according to the WHO Russian somnology, Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of IAS, Professor Jacob Levin denied the 11 myths about sleep.

Myth one: in sleep the brain is resting. In fact, the brain is working with the same intensity as in the waking state: analyzing the events, check the condition of the internal organs and is the possible scenarios in the future. Thus, only the muscles a rest, but sleep does not make sense to give them a rest. Its main function — to allow the brain to do all the work for which it was said above.

Myth two: There are prophetic dreams. The professor says that this is nonsense. This, incidentally, is exactly the case when science requires sacrifice — he recently said about this on the set of a TV show, was in the studio ladies almost scored his hefty Dream book. In fact one sees in a dream the possible scenarios that the brain is working. Most of them he immediately forgets. How prophetic dream will depend entirely on the analytical abilities of sleep, "Someone has to first page of the detective realizes who the murderer is. And someone has to finish reading the book to the end." Therefore wipers "prophetic" dreams are dreams rarely, and mathematicians — often.

Myth three: There are people who never sleep. They say such a lot of sleepless yogis. In fact, science is not aware of any such person ever recorded.

Myth four: there are people who suddenly fall asleep and then for many years can not wake up. If Sleepless, according to mythology, live somewhere in Tibet, the dormant for 20 years, live mainly in Russian villages. "In our center are constantly calling people from remote villages to tell that they have some kind of grandmother who a few years deep sleep. We are starting to ask — and how your grandmother goes to the toilet, as she eats? They say "With our help." What kind of dream? " — Said James Levine.

Myth five: on the weekend can be a good sleep. In reality, the extra hour of sleep in the output does more harm than good. Sleep is bad enough, but even more harmful — to stand out from the graph. "If you do a little sleep and get up at six in the morning, then at least make sure that get up every day at this time — not before and not after" — warns Levin. Sleep it off for a few days in advance, as well as to gorge, will not work. The resulting supply of energy the body uses up to the first Sunday — you just go to bed later than usual. "A few years ago, the Americans noticed that on Monday morning the number of accidents on the road several times higher than on other days. Started to find out the reason. Turned out at the weekend Americans slept longer than an average of 1 hour 20 minutes and went on an hour later ", — said a sleep. Because of this, it failed lifecycle deteriorating health and decreased attention on the road.

Myth Six: if you work day after three, then three days you can get some sleep. Science has shown — if the person did not even sleep a night only, the body will suffer considerable damage: changes all the biochemical parameters, including the biochemistry of the brain. These figures are reversed on the second or third day, but full recovery of the body is still not happening — in the United States surveyed people who because of their work did not sleep day a week for six months. It turned out they are five times more likely to develop diabetes, hypertension, and another two dozen diseases.

Myth Seven: that the lunatics are walking in their sleep. Allegedly, they can go out the window instead of a door, or play the piano, and some even have sex, then do not want to recognize the unconscious conceived children. All these facts are indeed scientifically proven. However, the "sleepwalking" — an extremely rare phenomenon. Most sleepwalkers during sleep do not go anywhere — they just sit on the bed and, after sitting for some time, lay down again.

Myth Eight: dream periods alternating with the phase when we can not see anything at all. It used to be that a person sees only a dream in the fast phase of sleep. Now it is proved that the slow phase is also accompanied by dreams. But it is slow and that all slow down — if the fast phase, we see the full movie, in a slow — images and photos.

Myth Nine: all sleeping pills are harmful. Modern drugs, unlike the old, harmless, says the professor. Only one must not mix up the old with the new funds — because of outdated production of drugs, too, has not been canceled. For Russians, by the way, is a sleep disorder that's nothing unusual, "We live in a country shocks, and are entitled to a bad dream," — said James Levine.

Myth Ten: without sleep a person dies on the fifth day. Indeed, if we do not give the animal to sleep, such as a rat, then on the fifth — sixth day she dies. But the man is not. After five days, he does not die — he starts sleeping with his eyes open. "You can not continue to give him to sleep, to wake him up — he will walk, talk, answer your questions, do some work, but do it all in a dream" — told a sleep. After waking up a man, like a sleepwalker, absolutely nothing will be remembered.

Myth Eleven: women sleep longer than men. "On this subject, it was a huge amount of research — told James Levine. — Some studies have shown that women do sleep longer than men in the 15 — 20 minutes. Other studies have quite the opposite effect: it turns out that sleep longer just men, and on the same 15 — 20 minutes. As a result, scientists are agreed on the fact that men and women have the same amount of sleep. " Longer sleep only pregnant.

At the same time sexes different attitude to sleep. Men usually think that he had slept well, and a woman, in contrast, often says, "Oh, I am so not sleep!" However, studies indicate that the quality of sleep in these and other approximately equally.

It is proved that the longest sleep sanguine, with eight — nine hours. They are so impressionable, that once they see porn before going to bed or go through any more emotional distress, and the duration of REM sleep, during which the brain to digest the information, immediately increases. Well, the least sleep melancholic — for them to get enough sleep, usually requires six hours.

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