Environmental disaster in Dzerzhinsk


Dzerzhinsk, June 9. Dzerzhinsk residents live in dangerous proximity to the millions of tons of chemical othodov.Kak RIA "News", the city has about 50 companies that produce ethylene oxide, caustic soda, chlorine, phenol-formaldehyde resin. Especially dangerous is tens of polygons, which stores the chemical waste.

In the city there is a systematic excess of content standards in the air health risk phenol.

Many residents report that the streets present chemical smell from the tap flowing mud. Environmental specialists do not even hide the fact that almost everywhere you can detect dangerous toxins in high concentrations, reports News BCM.

The water found about 25 MPC phenol, which is known to strongly affect the human health.

Toxic phenol — waste production of phenol-formaldehyde resins. Pair of phenol, which for decades Dzerzhinsk residents breathe, cause eye disease, kidney, lung, and even cancer.

Five years ago, American scientists named Dzerzhinsk second after Chernobyl polluted city in terms of the planet. At that time, foreign researchers estimated the average life expectancy in the city: men — 42, women — 47 years.

Every day in the monitoring of environmental conditions, there are four observation post over the concentration of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

Today, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will Dzerzhinsk State Council Presidium meeting on ecology, RBC reports. The meeting will discuss measures to eliminate the accumulated environmental damage.

Meeting venue chosen by chance — under Dzerzhinsky is the largest by area in Europe of solid waste "Igumnovsky" where kept in storage, according to various estimates, from 2 million to 7 million tons of waste, including waste production of chemical weapons.

People call this place the "Black Hole." About 30 years ago a sinkhole formed where local plant "Orgsintez" and other chemical companies began to dump their waste chemical production. Environmentalists believe these actions are unauthorized and illegal landfill itself, because this ground, and no one should ever watched his condition. It is impossible to calculate how many toxins are in the depths of the crater.

Specialists say that after walking around for about thirty minutes about this dump healthy person begins to feel dizzy, can even lose consciousness. Of course, the collapse — a natural state for chemicals, because as a result they are returned to their original state. But it is impossible to predict how they are harmful to the environment.

It is known that all the 80 years of the city is made chemicals. Inside the urban district has dozens of dangerous derelict storage of toxic substances.

In late May, Novgorod Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor's Office reported that the landfill must be closed by July 15, 2011., While recognizing that, in the case of closure throw garbage in the Nizhny Novgorod and Dzerzhinsk is generally nowhere.

Several Russian and foreign laboratories are working on methods for safe disposal of hazardous waste, but also to clean up only the "black hole" you need at least two billion rubles, so the city itself with this problem is unlikely to cope with.

Dzerzhinsk — a city with a population of two hundred thousand people work at chemical plants — is the only place that pays a decent wage from 10 to 25 thousand. But if the plant closed, the life in the city becomes quite unbearable.

The workers therefore hope that, in time necessarily disposed waste, and the companies will establish treatment facilities. Otherwise, the residents of the city are no more way out.

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