Environmentalists have planted 200,000 pine seedlings in the Arkhangelsk region

In place of the burned pine forest in Pinega District of the Arkhangelsk region planted 200,000 pine seedlings with the support of WWF Russia and Yves Rocher, said on Thursday the press service of the regional branch of the World Wildlife Fund.

Landings are made in a joint project of WWF Russia and Yves Rocher to restore conifer forests of the Arkhangelsk region. Forest planting project started in 2010, up to 2013 is expected to plant three million trees in two regions — Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Republic of Altai.

"The plot of 50 hectares, is located in Karpogorskom forest area, near the old villages Pinega Kushkopala and Erkin. In 2006, there was a huge fire, which resulted in a pine forest has been destroyed in an area of several hundred hectares," — said in a statement.

The bulk of landings performed Arkhangelsk Forestry College students of Peter I. Furthermore, the continued planting and Pinega forestry. There, as in Karpogorskom be planted 200,000 pine seedlings.

"Today, we plant a forest on the banks of the river Pinega near human settlements and infrastructure. A 40 km from here there is Dvina-Pinezhsky forest — the largest surviving intact forest areas in Europe. Save the last indigenous forests for future generations, we can only change the model of forest management, moving from pioneering the development of the broken pieces of the taiga to active reforestation, intensive and sustainable forestry on the already developed areas, "- said the head of the Arkhangelsk branch of WWF Andrey Shchegolev, whose words are reported.

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