Exit poll EsooM: Lukashenko won 79.1% of votes

In This year, permission to conduct exit polls in the presidential elections in Belarus have three companies — analytical center "EsooM" Republican Union Civil Association "Belarusian Committee of Youth Organizations" and the company «TNS-Ukraine". License to conduct sociological research in the election gives a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences.

The first two structures are already carried out similar surveys — at the time of the 2004 referendum and the presidential election 2006. Then the results of their exit polls actually coincided with the official election results announced by the Central Election Commission of Belarus. Ukrainian company «TNS-Ukraine" is conducting a survey commissioned by the ONT.

Online publication 19 December are full of headlines like "The war goes on exit polls." Chapter «TNS Ukraine" Mykola Churilov denied the figures that appear on the websites of the day, with reference to an unknown informant. A20th hours the same mister Churylov unveiled its official figures — 72% of Lukashenko, at 6 — for Sannikov and Neklyaeva.

Day of the internet has information about the numbers and the Russian Agency of effective communication INSIDE. The young man told RIA Novosti that he is working in the agency and its employees INSIDE hold an informal exit poll, the resolution to which the CEC did not take. On He said, ostensibly on14th Hour voted for Lukashenko 37.8%, and for alternative candidates — 42%. At the same time Director of the Russian Agency Nyasmeeva Anna said: "We do not do politics. Maybe they mixed up and there is an agency with the same name. "

According to the analytical center EsooM that the head of the center said after Sergei Musienko 20th hours, Lukashenko won the election, gaining 79.1% of the votes polled at the exit sites. In second place — Gregory Kastusyou from 4.2%. Against all 3.7% of the electorate voted. In third place Yaroslav Romanchuk — 3.1%, followed by Andrei Sannikov — 2.6% Nyaklyayeu — 2.4%. For Victor Tereshchenko, according to exit polls, voted 1.8%, Ales Mikhalevich — 1%, Vital Rymasheuski — 0.9% Statkevich — 0.8%. The list is Dmitry Uss — 0.4%.

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