F-22 fighter jets will get helmet-mounted target designation system

The U.S. Air Force wants to equip fighter F-22 Raptor helmet-mounted target designation system the latest, which will allow full use of the ability of missiles AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II class "air-to-air", reports Flightglobal. With all this as an opportunity to use such ammunition fighters receive in 2017 under the current programs from upgrading. Thanks to the latest system drivers F-22 will opportunity direct rocket by turning the head and eye movement.

Office of the Air Force wants to achieve from the U.S. Congress and the Pentagon funding for completion of combat aircraft. We consider two variants of modernization. The first provides for installation on existing aircraft systems Scorpion HMCS company Gentex. Such equipment is installed on the F-16 Fighting Falcon U.S. National Guard. It is armed with color monitors and is designed to facilitate a clear guidance missiles after launch in the criteria for close combat.

The second embodiment considered opportunity Use of JHMCS II of VSI, developed for the promising fighter F-35 Lightning II. It has a wider than Scorpion HMCS, a set of technical skills, including optical rotation tracking the pilot's head. The same system provides pilot opportunity radial angle with the output figures for helmet-mounted displays.

When exactly is planned to equip fighters F-22 new system, it is not yet clear. At the current time, the U.S. Air Force fighters are 185 F-22. Earlier it was reported that the U.S. Air Force wants in the coming couple of years izderzhat to modernize itself little Raptor 16 billion dollars. Planes get new avionics, also expanded the range of weapons.

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