F-35 fighter has become cheaper

Ministry U.S. Defense changed the terms of the contract with Lockheed Martin, which implies delivery of 30 fighter jets F-35 Lightning II, reports Lenta.ru. Under the terms of the new agreement, the military should get 31 fighter F-35 for 3.5 billion dollars. Past terms slandered payments for aircraft in the amount of 5 billion dollars.

New contract involves delivery of 10 F-35A fighter aircraft the U.S. Air Force, 16 F-35B — Marines and four F-35C — Navy. Another F-35B will be delivered the Ministry of Defence of England. Contract also provides for an option to supply additional aircraft Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands. After making configurations in terms of the contract, the volume of orders for the F-35 small-scale production increased to 64 units.

Price 1st aircraft under the new agreement reached 112.9 million dollars. Recall that in March 2010 the Pentagon estimated price of the 1st plane at 113 million dollars. Contract involves not only the delivery of aircraft, and their technical service. Given the amount of additional services deal valued at 3.9 billion dollars.

The program creation F-35 is the most expensive project of the United States — the price of programs from 382.4 billion dollars. With all this behind the creation of the aircraft from the initial schedule of four years. Ministry Defense wants to request from Lockheed Martin compensation of 614 million dollars for the backlog of development.

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