F-35 fighter jets prepare to receive the Abitur — in the trials involved 30 cars

June 29, delivery of 4 fighters F-35 the total amount held in trial operation and testing of this type of aircraft headed for 30 cars. This year was delivered 9 fighters F-35.

In the words of executive vice president and manager of programs from F-35 Cavallo Orlando (Orlando Carvalho), the pitch of flight tests ran across the company to produce small lots of fighters. "We have gained a turning step by programs with the creation of airplanes under LRIP 3. These shipments show maturity utilities that tests pass day per day, "he said.

Four planes of the first series have been officially accepted by the Agency of defense contracts DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency). In the coming days of the fighters will be targeted at Eglin Air Force Base (Florida), resulting in the total number of aircraft of this type on the basis increase to 16. The Ministry of Defense also conducts tests on 8 aircraft aviastantsii Navy Patuxent River, 6 more are on the Edwards Air Force Base.

Three fighter F-35A (CTOL) will be incorporated into the 33rd Fighter Wing Air Force, one F-35B (STOVL) will be focused in the 2nd Aviation Regiment of the Marine Corps (501 Squadron). On the basis of Eglin fighter fifth generation will master combatant pilots and maintenance personnel, which will be created encompassing training base.

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