Facts absurdity of the U.S. economy

"The American Dream" — an invention zealous journalists, forming a reality for us, which they are told the hosts. In fact, the Jewish financial mafia centuries robs everyone, who will be able to get close …

24 facts absurdity of the U.S. economy

If you are an American under the age of 30 years, you've probably already realized that the whole economic system has turned against you. The way that our economy is structured today is absurd injustice to young Americans.

First, we constantly put pressure on our young people, making the study in our absurdly expensive colleges and universities, which plunge men into debt trap.

After graduation, they go out into the real world, where the finding that only a fraction of the really good jobs are available for the vast army of college graduates trying to find work. Unfortunately, most of the jobs, where are young people now, does not provide a decent wage to support a family or buy a decent home. Meanwhile, our politicians are busy laying their future (ie the mortgage).

Our young people are hoping that it will support the social security system, which will not be later, when they get older, while every day, the debt increased by more than $ 2 billion, which will be hung around the neck of young Americans and their children before the end of their lives. If you stop and think about all of this for too long, your brain just exploded with indignation. Well, not literally, you understand.

The truth is that this will be the first generation in American history that will live much worse than their parents, and it's a terrible shame. You still do not believe that things are going seriously wrong for young Americans? Do you think that they should shut up and go away, shamefully whining? Well, then please refrain from reading. You can still change your mind, yet not read the last line of the entry.

The following 24 facts will show how absurdly unfair our economy is for Americans under the age of 30 years, which will make your brain explode …

1. American households headed by someone aged 65 years or more, 47 times wealthier than U.S. households led by someone 35 years or younger.

2. Today, only about 55% of all Americans between the ages of 16 and 29 have jobs.

3. For comparison, in 2000, more than 50% of American teens had a job. And last summer, only 29.6% of all American teens had a job.

4. Since 2000, revenue for U.S. households headed by someone aged 25 to 34 fell by about 12% after adjusting for inflation.

5. Absolutely absurd how much you need to spend money to get a higher education today in America. After adjusting for inflation, U.S. college students now take twice the amount of money than they did 10 years ago.

6. Average annual tuition at private colleges and universities in the United States is now worth up to 27 293 $. This figure increased by 29% in the last 5 years.

7. For comparison, in 1952, a full year of study at Harvard was only $ 600. Today, it is — 35 568 $.

8. The cost of college textbooks has tripled over the past decade.

9. In 2010, the average college graduate added $ 25,000 student loan debt on the day of release.

10. At one point in 2012 a full student loan debt in the United States will surpass the $ 1 trillion figure, incredible ever.

11. The total amount of student loan debt in the United States currently exceeds the total amount of credit card debt in the United States.

12. Our economy is not creating enough jobs for our college graduates. Percentage postmen with a Bachelor now 4 times higher than it was in 1970.

13. One third of all college graduates end up gets a job that does not even require a college degree.

14. In the United States today, there are more than 100,000 janitors who have a bachelor's degree.

15. In the United States today, 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degree.

16. Right now there are 5.9 million Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 who live with their parents. According to the latest census data, men are nearly two times more likely to live with their parents than women.

17. Currently, more than 3.5 million Americans are mired in debt on the mortgage. Young people who offered "meager rate" for the purchase of a first home in the housing collapse, a significant portion of these debts.

CNN CNN recently showed the history of 29-year old Ginny Gant …

I followed the "plan" to achieve the American dream, and now I'm in a nightmare. My husband now works for the Navy as a civilian, and I — a middle school teacher. We bought our house with two bedrooms in the peak of the housing boom for $ 196,500. Now our home is worth less than we bought it for our high rate of interest. Have to live in this house 8-9, and maybe 10 years. I would like to have two or three children, but I do not know whether it is possible contain as many children in this house. He is too small for such a family, and it does not correspond to what I dreamed, when followed by "plan".

18. The total value of the property of U.S. households fell from $ 22.7 trillion in 2006 to $ 16.2 trillion today. As noted above, a large number of young Americans bought homes in the period up to the mortgage crisis, and lost huge amounts of money after the fall in housing prices.

19. We are facing a pension crisis that is unprecedented in American history. Right now, adverse birth more than 10,000 every day from 65 infants. Young Americans are hoping that this will be paid for out of their Social Security benefits, but Social Security will not be after the Americans under 30 get older.

20. Young Americans are arrested more often than older Americans. Surprisingly, 30% of all Americans are arrested before they reach 23 years. Once you are in jail, get a good job after release is incredibly difficult.

21. About one in five Americans under 30 currently living in poverty.

22. In 2010, 42% of all single mothers in the United States, "sat" on food stamps. Very large% of single mothers under 30.

23. According to one recent survey, only 14% of all Americans who have reached 28 or 29 years, I'm optimistic about its financial future.

24. The U.S. government is stealing about 150 million dollars from our children and our grandchildren every hour. Young Americans will have to bear the burden of this debt far longer than older Americans.

So, what do you think about the plight of Americans who are younger than 30 years old? ..

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