Failure at a railway station Berezniki increased by another ten meters

As the Perm State Regional Institution "Civil Protection", the parameters of failure at a railway station Berezniki increased again and now is 107 by 58 meters. A month ago, experts fixed size 105 by 48 meters.

Forum members report that fell into the pit two car garage.

At the same time a week ago, members of the committee on prevention of emergency situations Bereznikov administration stated that the funnel is no longer growing.

Recall that the failure of the railway station Berezniki founded on 25 November last year. Under one of the ways crater, which fell railway car with mineral fertilizers. Since failure is continuously growing. He has already moved beyond the station, while it failed several private garages. Scientists believe that the cause of the crater are karst processes, and it can be increased by a further 50 meters.

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