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He will not allow "to plunge his country into chaos coups or separatist dismemberment"

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Collage Andrei Grizzly

Collage Andrei Grizzly

Belarus became the governor-general republic, in which, in addition to the armed forces, numbering 50,000 soldiers (plus 15,000 civilian personnel) will create another 120 thousandth army. Such a conclusion can be reached after the announcement of the President of Belarus, with whom he made on November 4 Gozhskom site in the Grodno region, where the exercises were held territorial defense forces. In support of his Belarusian chief immediately handed the general managers of six major's insignia over the country and the mayor of Minsk, saying that "it should have been done long ago."

Judging by a number followed after this event comments, innovation Farther in the military organizations of Belarus Alexander G. is a reaction to events in the world and especially in the north of the African continent ("Jasmine", "date-" and "sand" of the revolution). Incidentally, the above maneuvers not previously been announced, they obviously had a sudden on the initiative of the state. They also were his resounding "response to Chamberlain," that is the West, which after Lukashenko's re-election as president in December 2010, the newly unleashed a massive campaign of pressure on Belarus and its leader.

Such opinion of the author of these lines formed during a recent trip to the country. There I had the opportunity to talk with the Belarusian security forces, private citizens and even listen to the president (in the press conference for Russian journalists.)

Army of "partisan"
But first, a "new army" Lukashenko

All appeared on the information it does not give a complete picture of what will happen is the formation. Of the President's speech clearly only one thing: the governors and the mayor of the capital, which is now, along with economic and social problems have to deal with military issues, together with the General Staff should be fully developed legal framework. It is intended to provide a basis for the exercise of territorial defense forces, which the Ministry of Defence together with the newly governors-general to be converted. Future legislation will register that every gun, pistol, grenade launcher, every other types of weapons should be secured by specific people. This army in organizational procedures will be clearly interact with the armed forces during the smooth functioning of all the authorities, and not when a military threat. Thus, the territorial defense in its complete configuration acquire national and national character.
It is unclear and how the order will be manning the territorial forces, which categories of citizens will recruit their personnel. But in the "popular" introducing the institute of Government-General clearly shows through ideological prop of the new system. It is quite possible that after "the institution of professional partisanship" will go through all the military service of the Belarusian men. For, according to Lukashenko, territorial defense more fully realize the representation of citizens about the protection of his country: "After all, in the minds of every human concept of" Homeland "is primarily associated with the place where he was born and grew up, where his house."

That is, in Belarus, it seems, there will be some institutionalized militia total of 120 thousand people. Role of Minin and Pozharsky in their play-general appointed by the president and the governors of the mayor of Minsk. Each one of the seven "in which case" led regional ratification of professionally trained "partisan" and lead them to save their homeland. However, the guard its territorial independence have to stand every day, away from internal disturbances (mainly) and external threats to instantly put out any heat source, fraught with the same consequences as in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia.

The "core" of the army with no radical change will happen. "All that is needed to reform the armed forces, we did, — stated Lukashenko. — Our army does not need a full transition to contract service. Where there should be a contractor, he serves. Where needed conscripts, they are. " As you know, volunteers gain a number of special forces in the Republican aircraft or to replace narrow-profile positions that do not do without special knowledge and proficiency of complex military equipment.

Earlier in the aforementioned press conference in the context of responding to a question on military-technical cooperation with Russia, the Belarusian president said: "We are improving their armed forces because clearly remember: a country that does not feed its soldiers will feed them." Mostly the same in terms of bilateral military-technical cooperation Lukashenko called the regular large-scale exercises, which are held on the territory of Belarus and Russia alternately every two years.

Observed the teachings of the Grodno region commander is traditionally dressed in field uniforms with epaulets, had been a great colorful emblem of state. Almost everywhere the president was accompanied by his youngest son — 7-year-old Nick in the same field military garb. Father for several years, always takes the boy with him to such events (and even takes him parades). Two years ago, the kid went and blasts Russian-Belarusian maneuvers "West 2009". ("NATO members then do everything in his ears — so with pride uttered at a press conference Alexander G., — is almost prepared for war.") To come to the site while President Dmitry Medvedev even presented preschooler, "Generalissimo" gun (fake, of course).

Collage Andrei Grizzly (Photo ITAR-TASS)

Collage Andrei Grizzly (Photo ITAR-TASS)

Refrain here from ernichanya on this issue — in the press, not excluding the Belarusian editions, they already have enough (at least, however, "righteous" indignation.) But it seems the "military adventures" Lukashenko and his son definitely can have some educational value for young Belarusians. Especially since the Old Man have often said, and repeated on the training field Gozhskom battlefield again, "What is this guy, if he does not know what to do with a gun, a gun? What is this guy, if he smelled gunpowder (no matter how many in the army — a year and a half, two, three, or calls for a month or two)? We have to be prepared from each man defender, and the army in this key role to play! The guys that We spent in the army, most other people. In the army, they become a real man, aware of their role, their importance. " However, before the draft age Kolya Lukashenka far.

Alexander G. very critical attitude to the fact that "some" say it is inappropriate to conduct any exercise was at a time when the country is experiencing serious financial difficulties. Recall that in Belarus there was a sharp devaluation of the national currency (the price of the dollar and the euro in the year to September officially jumped almost four times, the Russian ruble — more than three). As a result, prices have risen significantly, including for basic foodstuffs. The people on this audible murmur.

But how would "separate or moaning," said the Old Man, the Army budget to spare, he is not going, "I'm more informed person and I will make decisions that should or should not carry out military exercises. We must show our enemies that we can protect ourselves. A NATO knows the worth of our armed forces, there are very high we evaluated. " According to Alexander G., current doctrine — command and staff and it does not require a lot of money, "But if it is necessary — we will spend it!". By the way, despite the difficult situation, this year has been increased numbers of Border Guard (until recently the State Border Committee of the Republic had 15 people).

Each head of security agencies and the governor-general Lukashenko, otsmotrev doctrine, defined set of tasks. Minin and Pozharsky to manage the administrative apparatus that can effectively address territorial defense to create its structure forces. Of Defense, and the Security Council demanded active in a hand. The administration of President must rise to a new level of ideological work, putting patriotism at the center, because "now a fierce fight for the younger generation, especially those who are unfamiliar with military service." Commander of the State Border Committee counted to get rid of "excessive pomp and ostentatious, which is not typical for border troops." KGB, according to Lukashenko, is more concerned with analytics and reports, and where the "action"? "The Minister of the Interior to forget such things as decent, indecent, who as we look, write, say. So we would take action, but we do not know what will be the reaction to this international community. What kind of nonsense is that? You have me, please do not take my functions and powers, with this then I shall understand "- have strict father.

Vain dream detractors

As for the content of the exercises Gozhskom range, at least some idea of their very original and different (I do not ever write again reports from many similar events), the maneuver was discovered several distinct features.

First. Teachings are not called anti-terrorism. Characteristically, the "Belarusian military newspaper" (organ of the Ministry of Defense), described in detail everything that happened at the site, never used the term "terrorists". This points to a clear response to the events organizers maneuvers in Africa (although this is also not a word was said.) Second. Training operation partly led suddenly become Major General (reserve) Grodno Oblast Governor Semyon Shapiro, though the main role was played, of course, the General Staff. And the third. It is hard to remember that somewhere so actively involved in military merrymaking took "partisans" who were really men of no one ever takes. For example, in Russian social consciousness are certain men 30-40 years old in jackets and overcoats rumpled, unshaven and drunk, who knows why torn from their families, work in obscure military training. Belarus also uncles of the same age in general looked really like real troops, though territorial.

Briefly about the scenario. On the borders of the republic increased activity of sabotage and reconnaissance groups (DRGs), and in the country there were illegal armed formations (IAF). 100 militants were able to break through the state border of Belarus. On the way they stood guards, the gang had losses, but some part of it escaped from persecution and hide in the woods. Abandoned to the rescue "green cap" the Interior Ministry troops and KGB operatives soon established that the remains of the gang sat down on the farm, equipped base camp and prepare for the next steps.

And then it's time to "H" to connect to the active work of the territorial defense of the Grodno region. Up headquarters was defined goal — to prevent the activities of illegal armed groups and DRGs, and the management of the identified block and destroy the "enemy" have conferred on the commander of Special Operations SA RB. Established on the ground watchful control, on one of the possible directions of motion commando platoon put regional forces, which acted as a crew BTR mobile company, rifle platoon mobile frontier, and the crew of the traffic police.

Next what I saw Lukashenko. The militants were moving in the bus and resisted were "destroyed." District dorazvedali using drones (made in Belarus, father then showed several domestic UAV). Base on a farm surrounded by her hit artillery, "the enemy" to surrender, he refused. Howitzers intensified their fire. Plumped "revolving". Should start dressing in which the blocking area attacked by four rifle companies of territorial troops and security forces combed his group of various departments, including the military dog handlers with dogs. However, the leader of the gang with helper managed to seep through the barriers. But on the way they are likely to escape with two Mi-8 helicopters were dropped using climbing equipment two reconnaissance. Interception in three cars as the platoon moved territorial troops, and the top three armored personnel carriers — mobile platoon. Militants escaped.

So that's that organized "partisans" together with professionals successfully to war. Belarusian commander was satisfied: battle 'response to Chamberlain "was qualitative. On the above summarizing Lukashenko said, "we have created a system of protection against external threats honorably withstood the test of strength. We have demonstrated to the world that will not let her plunge the country into chaos coups or separatist dismemberment, the dream of our opponents. "
But detractors, "Chamberlains" between and indeed almost every day hurl Bonfire of the Belarusian president. However, the brand is not only the head of state as "the last dictator in Europe", but also the Republic of Belarus in general as a country, "an outcast."

Information War

The introduction of new EU sanctions against Minsk long is permanent, but this year the pressure is significantly increased after events of 19 December 2010.

I recall that on the day in the country held a presidential election in which a landslide won again, Alexander Lukashenko (by then ruled the country for 16 years). And after the vote Belarusian opposition attempted tough "challenge" of his results "raise the entire Belarusian folk" to some another "color revolution" (the image of the performance of "the masses" that occurred first in Serbia, and then a few post-Soviet states).

Attempt was futile, loyal Batka Interior Ministry commandos easily (fifteen minutes) dealing with uncontrolled thugs Gromit administrative buildings.

However, a broad information and political war, has long waged against the West Belarus, Minsk has not so good. In addition to the Internet (where do now without it), the specially organized radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines, which are spending huge sums. This involves a certain way and some Russian detractors. Suffice it to recall biased pyatiseriynuyu crafts one of our central channels, "The Godfather." In the reasons for its show no doubt. On the one hand, psychologically pressured the hero "show" on the other — have tried to lower the rating of Lukashenko in Russian public opinion (and it is high enough).

"Belarusian President created mechanisms that prevent plunder public money"

In Moscow, Alexander G. often accused that his "Belarus miracle" took the Russian hydrocarbons, which he released many years on domestic prices of Russia. This is partly true, because really for the country in which one of the minerals limestone peat yes, this benefit could not be a huge help. But the reasons for the effectiveness of the "Belarusian model" is not bad to look in the other. Lukashenka has created mechanisms that prevent plunder public money, let them go to the restoration of the destroyed in the 90 economies, defense, social programs, the reform of the army. Dispensed in the country for something means not dissolve knows where, not end up in the pockets of corrupt officials, and fully reach the recipients. But that's another topic.

Between December 2010 and went tightening sanctions, increase the charges from Europe. That will increase the number of "not entrance" to the EU Belarusian officials (now in the "black list" of more than 190 names, including a considerable number of security forces), the number of national firms and organizations outlaw, the frightening economic constraints and even calling for a blockade, then take some "reports on the situation of human rights in Belarus."

Confront all these attacks is difficult to Minsk. For the most part have to be patient and just grit your teeth. Once the head of administration of the Belarusian leader Vladimir Makey, speaking to reporters at an information forum, said: "We have to commute journalists of major newspapers. In ninety cases out of a hundred I hear from them, "You have such a beautiful country, a clean, well-maintained streets, running industry is well developed agriculture, a proud military, quietly, nice and friendly people …" However, the same members of the media, not having access to their editorial boards, already, as a blueprint, scribbled a terrible horror of Belarus — something about "bloodthirsty dictatorship," some "death squads" of the frightened people in the streets and crowds of "martyrs of freedom" supposedly sitting in prisons. "
Collage Andrei Grizzly"We understand that these gentlemen, journalists come to Minsk with a pre-prepared script and simply work out the editorial assignment and fee, as today, because of political bias and the strong dependence of the ruling elite media often become a tool of political struggle — continued Mackey. — However, we are not asking to embellish something that happens in our country, and thus somehow "pay back", say, a trip to the country in an organized journalistic tour. Believe me, we are not asking for our country looking through rose-colored glasses, do not build here for the arrival of journalists and other guests Potemkin villages. We ask that of Belarus and the people living in it telling it like it is in reality. "

This writer did not just invited to said structure (they are funded as part of an appropriate program of the Union State, successfully implemented since the early 2000s, they have visited hundreds of Russian journalists). I had a chance to visit, along with a variety of companies and units of the Belarusian Armed Forces, attend major exercises. I can testify that Potemkin villages in Belarus and really no one should (although the arrival of guests, as well as every friendly hosts, of course, be prepared). The show, of course, the best that could be done in "modern times." But this does not mean that this is the best (be it in agriculture, industry or the military) — "exemplary", as was the custom in the Soviet era, the individual. Achieve similar time and again in other geographical locations of the country.

This fully applies to the military. However, details of his meetings with Belarusian military — below.

Minsk — "Merchant of Death"

And how many in the last year then accused the Minsk in illegal arms trade. The absurdity of these attacks is visible even the layman, but Western strategists who want to give a negative image of Belarus in the public eye of the EU, it did not bother. And because the "evidence" are succession.

Suddenly, it is reported that the Republic Gosvoenprom bypassing UN demands sold Iran anti-aircraft missile system S-300 and the elements to them. Or spreading the news that the Belarusian authorities have approved the scheme of large-scale supply of weapons to Arab states, but the end of his "recipient" — the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. But this is not so bad, but the whole "horror" that is sent to two weapons based in PRI terrorist groups. Even their names are mentioned — Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

In June 2011, some Western politicians were honored to "calculate" that the "Merchant of Death" Minsk allegedly has an annual income in the area of arms business about $ 1.8 billion. These "calculations" laugh even usually do not respond to such attacks Belarusian leader. Lukashenko had said the following: "If we made money on arms trade nearly two billion dollars, I would be happy with the president and we would not have the problems that exist now (the sharp devaluation of the national currency. — IP) . We would have had a surplus, and I could share a share with those stupid, unprofessional and jay that disseminate information about the nearly two billion. "

So much so, that misled the United Nations, which took over the truth very real "duck", "flown in" from the Ivory Coast: Belarus de sent to this West African country three attack helicopters. According to data presented in the report, which seems to have composed "well-wishers" of Minsk, rotorcraft designed for the President of Côte d'Ivoire, Laurent Gbagbo, who, despite the demands of the international community refused to hand over power to a winner of the presidential election Alassane Ouattara. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon even warned Belarus that in response to its violation of the embargo will be taken appropriate action. With this, however, was quickly sorted out, and the head of UN peacekeeping Alain Le Roy apologized to Minsk. Goof as Ban Ki-moon chose to keep quiet.

The last time (there may indeed be appropriate to say in the last time, because of these "one-time" seems to be more than one) "Lukashenko regime" similarly accused in September. Iran again, saying that Belarus in the UN sanctions mediating for deliveries to the country's nuclear power equipment and ballistic missiles. Another "duck."

Like it or not, and Minsk is forced to deny all of these allegations. Quickly became clear that no S-300 to Iran was not and could not be (they purchased a few years ago in Russia, located in the country on alert.) And already the more Pakistani terrorists do not deliver — it was an obvious disinformation, organizing that even the slightest credibility did not care, but it hastened to replicate tenacious media sensationalism. National Foreign Ministry spokesman mouth Andrei Savinykh repeatedly stated that each of these examples is the "ordinary fraud, which has nothing to do with reality, and we see it as another attempt by our detractors to tarnish the reputation of our country."

Once this writer wanted to know what is the opinion of such attacks on the Belarusian Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev (now secretary of the Belarusian Security Council, it is.) Colonel-General said: "All allegations of this kind does not lack any basis in reality. I personally met with representatives of the U.S., and when they began to ask these questions, he said, we are trading in international commitments. Show where the violations? There is no evidence, they say. Then what is it? And the fact that the U.S. Congress decides, in that country can be delivered, and this is impossible. I replied: If you are concerned about the problem of our supplies, let's sit down at the table and we will negotiate. After all, this is an article of legal income, it must somehow be compensated. The normal approach? They are, surprisingly, agreed with this position. But then it again. This is politics. "

What and where supplies of Belarus, it is easy to check by the UN Register of Conventional Arms. According to this data in the past year Minsk sold conventional weapons five countries. For example, in Azerbaijan was made one Su-25 and thirty 122-mm towed howitzer D-30. Yemen received 66 T-80 tanks, Nigeria — two attack helicopters Mi-24, Sudan — one Su-25, Uganda — one Mi-24. All weapons since the Soviet Union, the country inherited after the death of it, located on equipment with a vengeance armed Belarusian Military District. Contract amounts is not called. Or the data for 2009. Belarus supplied to Azerbaijan five Su-25 and nine 203-mm self-propelled howitzer 2S7 "Pion" in Sudan — three Su-25 attack in Uganda — 23 T-55 tank.

Obviously, all of this — a pinch compared with the supply that carries our Rosoboronexport, as not so long ago is clearly not without envy (white) has mentioned and the Old Man, "Russia for about five billion dollars on arms trade earns (actually ten. — IP). Russia produces so much, and we — almost nothing. "

Igor Plugatarev,
Belarus — Moscow

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