FBI declassified documents about UFOs crash


The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. declassified part of an interesting document, which, to the great delight of UFO researchers, describes the mysterious events that occurred in 1947 in the U.S. city of Roswell (New Mexico), where it is said the alleged flying saucer fell, as well as photographs and video allegedly remains alien.

According to many skeptics, all this fraud, but now the American structure provided an official document, which is dated 1950. It says that a certain FBI agent, whose name carefully erased, informed his superiors that were discovered in the desert three flying saucers, which is located inside the bodies of creatures with a mind reminding people dressed in a silver dress. Growth they were about one meter. In addition, the document states that the probable cause of the accident was a UFO impact ground-based radars. This can hardly be regarded as proof, but the fact remains that the U.S. government in the mid-twentieth century is manifested great interest to that part of the country.

Dmitry Kuparinen

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