Fighter 5th generation — the main novelty of MAKS

Tuesday in Zhukovsky outside Moscow, on the ground Flight Research Institute. Gromov, kicked off the jubilee 10th International Aviation and Space Salon — MAKS-2011. As reported in a press release the organizers of the Interior, will be on display at the MAKS more than 240 aircraft from Russia, USA, France, Italy and other countries.

But, as we know, first MAX — a demonstration of military vehicles, and the Russian side is exposed to the full range of static display aircraft and helicopters were in service with the Russian Federation. Total exposure in the Russian Air Force presented 17 models of aircraft, standing in service. Among them — the Tu-160, Tu-95MS, A-50, Il-76MD-90, MiG-29 SMT and MiG-35, Yak-130 and Mi-8MTSH, Mi-26, Mi-28, Ka-52 "ANSAT." Developer of the T-50, the company "Sukhoi", will also feature the familiar to the general public the Su-27SM, Su-30MK2, Su-34, Su-35, Su-25SM.

But the main novelty MAX and Russian and foreign experts unanimously in advance and was named the new Russian fighter Fifth generation, known also as a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA). Experts say that in many ways Russian plane is more efficient than its South American counterparts — F-22 "Raptor" and F-35 "Lightning". The Pentagon also appreciate the novelty and even Russia have expressed fear that they begin to lose its technological leadership in the field. As stated at the end of May, the deputy chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force for Military Operations and Planning Lt. Gen. Herbert Carlisle, speaking to members of the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate, particularly the creation of Russian PAK FA is an indicator of such danger.

Which, however, is interesting: Russian liberal media has tried to make fun of the new aircraft. Recognizable Russian-Israeli Internet resource sarcastically said that "the fighters 5th generation flew 20 years ago." Recognizable by their own "objectivity" military commentator online newspaper "Daily Journal" Alexander Goltz pejoratively said: "That's it — the development of Russian-time, but not today. The lack of new developments indicates the weakness of our military-industrial complex. " "We do not know too much about this fighter fifth generation, can not even say whether it is a fundamentally new aircraft — a futuristic stealth aircraft, comparable to the South American war machines F-22 and F35, — or is — an improved version of the well-known old "- said Goltz.

Because you want to make some kind of clarity on this issue. As mentioned KM.RU, developing fighter fifth generation of Russian Air Force really is quite a long time. The main task of the designers was to create an aircraft that could change in the composition of our air force fighter jets 4th generation — the Su-27 and MiG-29. This work began in the Russian times, at the end of 1980. Taking into account the fact that at that time, well, in the following years was going on with the state, it is logical that the end of the 90s produced nothing really was not.

However, experts at they say that by the mid-90 Mikoyan Design Bureau developed a certain project "1.44" and the Sukhoi Design Bureau — "P.37", but due to lack of funding the development of these projects have not received. Moreover, since the early 2000s, when the funds have aviarazrabotchikov began to emerge, it became clear that these projects are rapidly becoming obsolete, and if their base to launch a series of new aircraft, our aircraft would have received a 10-year delay fighters, unable to compete with South American F-22, it is at this moment running in batch creation. Eventually, it was decided to develop a fundamentally modern machines. Offered all their options "destruction" KB of — Sukhoi, Mikoyan and Yakovlev. In the end, the Sukhoi was lead developer machine that got the T-branded 50. But this — conventional title, at the time of development. When he gets up in a military operation, it will get the common name for all aircraft design bureau "dry" with the appropriate number.

The term "fifth generation" is also in itself for themselves rather conventional. Once upon a gradation of aircraft associated with the engine mounted on it. The piston engine turboprop substitute, that — gas turbine, etc. Accordingly talk about the occurrence of the latest generation of aircraft. At the moment approach — very different: Items considered a huge number of features, including airframe and powerplant, the ability to on-board equipment, the automation of all processes in-flight combat effectiveness. Something to hide the icon with the fuselage or, say, set to "five" wings swept back into the "dry" did not want to. The appearance of the T-50 resembles the great traditional forms of Su-27, the same "turned up" the cockpit, the same two in the tail fin …

The main surprises lurk in the new composite materials of which made the car (even applied nanotechnology), and the intricate insides. Aircraft to equip a fundamentally new set of avionics integrating the function of "electronic pilot" and modern radar with a phased antenna array. This is largely reduces the load on the pilot, giving him the opportunity to concentrate on tactical tasks. Using a unique avionics pilot a real-time exchange of data not only from the command Fri, and staff by air group. Aerodynamic assembly machines covered by technology "stealth" glider, the device cools the exhaust gas make it virtually unnoticeable on the radar and allow the old days and NIGHT MODE, in all weather conditions destroy air and ground targets, and the right to storm a precision instrument of multiple objects at once. In the first 8 of 16 aircraft missiles hidden in his airplane fuselage. Plane able to act as a fighter and bomber, attack aircraft and air scout. This versatility is especially important during prolonged flight at supersonic speeds. It will provide repeated refueling in the sky.

In addition, the T-50 is ready to start and land on the strip length of 300-400 m is also clear that for experienced and first production aircraft will be set made "Saturn" engines 117, developed on the basis of the family of AL-31. Specialists codify new plane as fighter languid class with a takeoff weight of over 30 tons, roughly corresponding in size of the Su-27. It also reported that airborne radar for the T-50 Research Institute of Instrument Design develops. Tikhomirov, which created the radar "Irbis" to "intermediate" Su-35BM. Apparently, radar and fire control system, the newest cars will be made on the basis of systems that will test "the thirty-fifth."

The other day, the opening of the MAKS-2011 the President of the United Aircraft Company Misha Pogosyan confirmed that the T-50 should go into service in 2016, and at the present time the tests pass three test aircraft. Two more fighter fifth generation is planned to produce and connect to the test program there until the end of the year, said RIA "Novosti". According to Pogosyan, and before the end of 2011, the KLA will supply the Defense Ministry more than 20 combat aircraft. UAC plans by the end of the year to sign with the Ministry of Defense contracts for the supply of deck-based fighters MiG-29K fighters and trainer aircraft Yak-130. "In the field of military aviation we have already signed contract the modernization and repair of MiG-31, a number of contracts and prices. Until the end of the year we should sign a contract on the Yak-130 and MiG-29K ", — said Mikhail Pogosyan. He noted that the signing of new contracts will happen after th
e MAKS-2011.

After 2015, the Russian Defense Ministry planned to transfer 10 An-124 "Ruslan". Russian An-124 is a serial naikrupneyshim transport aircraft in the world. He was made for transportation by air launchers of intercontinental ballistic missiles, and carry out large-scale amphibious operations. According to Misha Pogosyan, currently working to repair and modernize the An-124, which are already available at the Ministry of Defense, and is scheduled to make deep modernization of this type of aircraft. And just within the state program of armaments, for the period until 2020, Pogosyan said, the Defense Ministry will purchase more than 100 military transport aircraft.

Total KLA in the MAKS-2011 plans to sign contracts for the supply of about 100 aircraft. With all of this at the air show company has no plans to sign agreements on transport and military aircraft.

Mikhail Pogosyan also said that the company "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (GSC) by the end of this week will give "Aeroflot" second plane Sukhoi SuperJet-100. Currently in use are just two aircraft SSJ-100: one — in the "Aeroflot" and one — the "Armavia". Total GSS planned in 2011 to produce 14 such aircraft and put the "Aeroflot" 10 of them. Earlier it was reported that during the MAKS-2011 the company "Irkut" which comes in the KLA, will sign with Russian Technologies contract the delivery of 50 aircraft MS-21 for "Aeroflot" and 24 aircraft SSJ.

Strictly speaking, all of this — not so much because the liberal media did not hesitate to declare that MAX "will demonstrate how the power and the weakness of Russian military-industrial complex." "For many types of modern aircraft the country lags far behind world leaders — not just the U.S. and Europe, but even China," — writes, for example, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". She emphasizes that "in Russia finished releasing their long-haul passenger jets, sharply behind in the development of remotely piloted vehicles, integrating them with shock and missile systems, the development of new composite materials, means of electrical reaction, communication and navigation. Lost many of the fundamental technologies. "

Unfortunately, these comments are valid in almost everything. Not just confirmed it — a direct result of so-called. "Liberal reforms". So the lamentations of the liberal media on this issue is very resemble crocodile tears. Yet, despite the enormous damage done over the past decades as a military and a civilian aircraft industry, just to kill him still as yet.

As the director of the Department of Industry and Trade of the aviation industry, Yuri Slusar on MAX will sign all contracts on state defense orders in the aerospace sector. It is expected that only a MAX contract will be signed by more than $ 3 billion, with the question of how military contracts and a civilian. Thus, JSC "Airline" UTair "plans to sign a contract with a hard" dry "for the supply of 24 new passenger aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100.

In general this year, MAX will be the only exhibition in the world, where you will behold the largest passenger and cargo planes, said Slusar.

The most fundamental design of aircraft, main MS-21 is implemented, though not without difficulty, he acknowledged. A huge number of programs are of international status — this explains the presence of this year, more than 30 foreign companies.

At MAX, for example, for the first time flew the largest passenger aircraft in the world — the South American Dreamliner Boeing-787 and the Franco-German airliner A-380 euro group EADS. In both aircraft tooling up to 40-50% (nodal parts of fuselage and landing gear) made of titanium Russian and Russian enterprise. In general, it is — a direct result of international cooperation in the field of aviation. For its part, Russian SuperJet-100 is also created with numerous accessories, produced naikrupneyshimi Global Aircraft Corporation.

At MAX, except aircraft, will be extensively represented air defenses, in which our homeland usually plays a leading role. On the open and closed areas exposed C-300, including the "Antey-2500" and "Favorite", S-400 self-propelled fire installation on wheeled chassis from the anti-aircraft missile system "Buk-M2E" fighting vehicles from the other complexes three-coordinate radar and other standards of weapons. The first time is shown as a model anti-aircraft missile system "Tor-m2K" with the combat and technical facilities in a modular implementation.

Rocket-space branch of the country for the first time opens up for public display layouts promising booster middle class over-capacity for the cosmodrome "East" and promising manned spacecraft. Also for the first time visitors will see Container Missile System tools "Club-K" in the 40-pound embodiment in the form of a natural reference. NEW capable of hitting surface and ground targets with cruise missiles.

By the already established tradition, decoration MAKS-2011 will be a spectacular and intense flight programm. Russian aerobatic team, as the best test pilots in the country will make a flying modern fighters and civilian aircraft. In the opening day, "Russian Knights" and "Swifts" with the group flight out of 5 Su-27 and 4 MiG-29 for the first time show the "barrel" once all the staff. In the complex and intense program there aerobatics group "Russian Knights" in the first included the dissolution of the "tulip", which will be beautifully finished figure "bell" in sync immediately with 4 jets, reports ITAR-TASS. "Russian Falcons" will show viewers and spice maneuverable dogfight couple for a couple of low-level and in a confined space with the use of defensive and offensive tactics. The complexity and singularity of this show are that the air battle that takes place in the real criteria on huge heights and distances shown for entertainment at altitudes from 200 to 2000 m

Objectivity, but ask that along with the above mentioned and was sounded very alarming. We are talking about the interview in "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Hero of the Russian Federation, the test pilot Magomed Tolboeva. His statement, made publication, that "for 20 years as a Russian air force killed" at least deserves attention.

"This school, which was at the Russian pilots, and never will be. How much can you? I — the officer. I hurt and shameful for what's going on. We have squandered all that was made with supplies for grandchildren, and did nothing in return, "- says Tolboev. He also said: "Today, I'm the one fighting for the fact that" Knights "remained. I am alone against the Minister of Defense Serdyukov. Others are silent. " "It is not in the" Knight ", and in the airport" Koubinka "who wish to realize one billionaire — he explained. — He wants to completely this area for some to buy up their base. "Kubinka"! Central Air Force Base military Metropolitan Area ».

"20 years ago, when we started, specifically" Koubinka "was our rival as a venue for the airshow — says Magomed Tolboev. — For access roads, on opening it even better. This person will buy "Kubinka" will buy the rest. Who will defend Russia? "- With fear and indignation he asks. And, knowing the propensity of today's Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to the "commercial viability" and "getting rid of non-core assets," safely distinguished test pilot seem completely thorough.

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