Fighter aircraft carriers — missile Granite

In times of war, the cool Russian missiles with loud names "Malachite" and "Basalt" is a true headache for NATO ships, with any of them has its own unique features. Since the distinctive feature of the "Malachite" was able to run from a submerged position, and "Basalt" had significantly increased range of defeat, and for quite a long time it remained the only cruise missiles in the world at supersonic speed. The solution developers to join in one complex the ability to "Malachite" and "Basalt" was completely logical, and in 1983 for service in the Soviet Navy received universal missile system "Granite".

Despite the fact that the "Granite" was developed in the late 70s, early 80s of the last century, and he is currently one of the best in the world. Winged antiship rocket P-700 component of the base of the complex has the ability to underwater and surface-launch, range up to 625 km, the rate is 2.5 times larger than the speed of sound, and its missiles can carry a warhead weighing 750 kg and a nuclear warhead of up to 500 kilotons. P-700, like most modern cruise missile operates on the principle of "fire and forget", after running it without the help of others watching the movements of the target, change the line of movement and height, and in fact is not vulnerable to air defenses.

Even more, this invulnerability yavna at start-up complex of several cruise missiles at once. After doing such a volley missiles are in every way interaction among themselves, without the help of others stalk, systematize and choose priorities. When approaching the target one of the missiles takes on the role of favorite and rising to a highest echelon, diverting the attention of the defense. If the "leader" knock, his place is taken by another rocket of the group. This strategy greatly increases the chance of defeat ends chosen.

Perhaps the only negative of the complex "Granite" — is its bulkiness, which does not allow to place it on small and medium-sized submarines and ships. Now complex "Granite" is set to 11 nuclear-powered submarines of the "Antey" (on 24 cruise missiles on each), the nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great" (20 missiles), and also on the only Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" (12 missiles). If we consider that for the defeat of the 1st aircraft carrier to 7-10 clear hit missiles P-700, the complex "Granite" is rightfully can be called a fighter aircraft carriers. But you have to take into account the fact that usually, all aircraft carrying cruisers have a strong support and protection and to defeat such groups need to have at least 50-60 similar missiles P-700. Because of course, it is obvious that the Russian Navy does not have enough available on this day, groups of ships and to the recent start building at least 2-3 cruisers like "Peter the Great". And then the Russian situation is acceptable — we have a beautiful missile complex, but we have no ships to which it can be installed.

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