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All the more in-depth stories go days of the Red Empire — Russian Union. But many of its mysteries hidden from our view. It has recently been declassified information about Russian fighter "Shuttle" entitled "Spiral", this title is aerospace system — representing a reusable gallaktichesky fighter-bomber, which was developed by Russian scientists in the 60s of last century. Russian project "Spiral" was our response to the attempted creation gallakticheskogo Yankees scout-bomber X-20 «Dyna Soar».

The system of "Spiral" included a plane that displays the ship into orbit, the booster itself and specifically single gallaktichesky module. This system was designed to combat the introduction of the cosmos, and for the inspection of all gallakticheskih objects with respect to their destination or liquidation. This information was announced on TV on the channel "Russia" April 17, 2010.

Improved subsistence "Spiral" — a multi-purpose gallaktichesky Interceptor MAX. Although the MAX and could be used for military purposes, but in the main it was developed for economic purposes — for launching people and cargo, for use in combination with orbital station gallakticheskoy. The developer was the NGO "LIGHTNING".
In 1969 he was tested Experimental Manned Orbital Plane (EPOS) — atmospheric analog of the "Spiral". We were ready at that time to dominate the space. But where are all these ships? Where did they go? In the race for America's unique designs were not needed.

Everyone knows the magnificent South American movie "Star Wars." But first we have proposed and implemented the idea of Star Wars. We were ready at that time to fight in space. If the South American "Shuttle" is limited to their own maneuverability in space and is not able to fly in the atmosphere, the Russian orbital complexes have been developed and tested as a complete system.

In 1961, Yuri Gagarin made the first in the history of mankind gallaktichesky flight around the Earth. And in 1965 in the Soviet Union Gleb Lozino-Lozinsky was designed "Spiral" — this name was gallaktichesky controlled fighter-interceptor, which is called the hunter "Shuttle". It was a warship for the war in the atmosphere and space, who had a cruising speed of 6,000 km / h. He had the unusual shape and, of course, by plane it would be incorrect to call. Possessing a wide semi-circular fuselage, it was like a little faster on the flattened shark. It belongs to the class of aircraft were given only small sloping back wings that gave him a quick outline of the bird. First "Spiral" had no propulsion engines, because going down to the airport planning in the air. "Spiral" can be used in automatic mode and a manual control.

In "Spiral" was a system for rescue pilot with at least some height in the form of a capsule and alarm fires back common system bailout. At the same time, was organized covert team to train pilots for the management of ships of this type. It came, and all recognizable Janibekov and German Titov was appointed commander of the military astronauts. The first model of the "Spiral" — its subsonic counterpart, EPOS, was launched 6 December 1969 at the height of 40 km. Was developed first supersonic strategic missile carrier aircraft designed to launch it into orbit. Then Russian engineers have gone unconventional method: the military confrontation rather kill stationary Gallaktichesky Launch Complex and output in space combat vehicles will be nowhere. And run them through the plane can actually be with at least some specially equipped languid airfield, it is mobile. The plane lifted into the stratosphere of the ship and he started with the included engines directly with his "back." Because the aircraft was designed for a very great capacity to withstand impact at the start of "Spiral" or the epic.

First start of the epic was produced in 1976, the test went well. How to write a spice EPOS had unique aerodynamic features. Ran in his Igor Volk, Valery Menitsky and Alexander Fedotov. Apart from the EPIC tested yet undersized automatic models orbiter under the title "Bor" — An unmanned orbital rocket plane.
"Spiral" was ready for mass production, but Defense Minister Grechko sent by one stroke project in the basket, saying:
— Needless to engage in a fantasy!
His contribution to the freezing of the project and the intervention has brought DF Ustinov, who was then secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Because of incorrect political ambitions at the insistence of DF Ustinov and Minister of General Engineering SA Afanasyev a race with the Yankees and their project "Space Shuttle", sacrificing all of this "spiral" — a system for the recognition of competent Russian and foreign experts, yet more progressive.

— If we add that the Soviet Union was, perhaps, the only state where gallakticheskie difficulties were separated from the aviation and aerospace industry, and even in the absence of a strong coordinating organization, a similar U.S. NASA, it's amazing is not phasing out work on the "Spiral", and then how nearly all failed to do so. — Writes Vitaly Vladimirovich Lebedev, a member of the St. Petersburg Section stories of Aeronautics and Astronautics at IIET them. SI Vavilov RAS.

Lozino Lodz, it was proposed that a new project — "Buran", which he successfully did. But the "Buran" in comparison with "Spiral" and Max was even more expensive project. The same EPOS flown four times, experiencing thermal insulation for the "Buran". First real launch "Burana" in 1982, which occurred while he landed around Australia. But Gleb not finished watching their child, along with the project "Buran" he refined and tested "Spiral". Was developed by modification of its brand new "MAX" — multipurpose aerospace system. MAX was designed for the orbital patrol in space over the territory of our country. It could, for example, to move closer to the South American satellites to survey them on the level of threat to the country, as it was equipped with an instrument to destroy a satellite, and "Space Shuttle". MAX consisted of gallakticheskogo double module, but with propulsion engines, making it maneuverable in the air and fuel drop tank. Not counting the 2-pilots MAX can deliver into orbit seven tons of cargo or instead of it, the passengers.
This "design" was to be displayed in the special atmosphere of the plane. By that time, there was already a similar project — a heavy transport aircraft "Mriya". In calculating the prices in orbit of one ton of cargo for various gallakticheskih ships, including the U.S. Space Shuttle, MAX proved to be the cheapest kind carrier. In addition, it could be sold abroad, because the infrastructure for civilian aircraft have at least some in the camp.

When 15 November 1988 "Buran" produced its own true — the first and last flight in automatic mode, the Americans were very surprised. They asked Lozino-Łódź:
— How so? After all, you do not have the software!
It turns out there is all. Only it is not clear why we have hitherto enjoyed U.S. Windows. Who knows what "cockroaches" in it are hidden, and if we do not lose our entire web, happen that serious …

"Buran" was ready for production. In addition, our designers have made no copy of the "Space Shuttle", and more effective in all ship. This is justified even its only flight. He was ready to run applications in space and ensure the continued delivery of people and c
argo into orbit.
But … here Misha Gorbachev signed a contract in Reykjavik on disarmament with Reagan, and the project zadrobili. He was not needed! Long live peace in the world! Hooray! And the "Buran" — in his basket!

— For external similarities with the "shuttle", "Buran" is fundamentally more perfect gallakticheskim apparatus, and the main result of many years of intense effort was triumphant double-turn unmanned flight "Burana" with an automatic landing November 15, 1988. Flight lasting 206 minutes beginning at 9 hour 11 minutes, at an altitude of 50 km, "Buran" made contact with the tracking stations in the planting of the complex, and at 9 hr 24 min 42 sec ahead of the estimated time for a second, "Buran" overcoming stormy gusts of wind drift at the speed of 263 km / h luxurious touch strip and 42 seconds, running 1,620 meters, stood in the center with a deviation of the center lane just 3 m! — Writes Vyacheslav Kaz'min in his article.

This was the high point of the Head Designer "Buran", Doctor of Technical Sciences Gleb Lozino-Lozinski.
November 28, 2001 Gleb Lozino-Lozinski dies, and not waiting to manufacture their own Spirals, Max and Buranov. In the spring of this year, Americans, claiming to wind up the project "Space Shuttle" launch into space a completely new gallaktichesky ship … which, from the outside, like two drops of water like "Spiral". They developed it themselves or purchased ready project, because in the era of market relations is bought and sold? Who knows. Especially since we have just signed with a smiley krivodushno U.S. president next contract on the next disarmament. In general, for what America, in truth, it is necessary obsolete weapons if it now has its own — the South American Max? Rhetorical question … But now they will "sniff" and keep control of our military satellites, and we do not …

At the current time, something moved from a place in this direction, the Federal Space Agency announced a competition to create a reusable manned spacecraft gallakticheskogo last generation. It is created for transportation and maintenance of manned orbital stations and other near-Earth objects constellation.
Is already in the process of developing the project "Clipper". It is designed not only for going into orbit, and for missions to the moon. "Clipper" — a six-reusable gallaktichesky ship that starts with the launch vehicle "Energy".

PS This information is not intended to be comprehensive on this subject. It is derived from public sources. Official documents hitherto classified.

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