Fighter «F-35B». What the journalists do not realize

On the days of journalists for the Navy together with the U.S. Marines conducted the show: it was demonstrated fighter «F-35B», it takeoff and landing aboard amphibious assault ship «USS Wasp».

«F-35B» taking off on rather short and vertical landing strip at first created for the deck of the ship-based helicopters.

The tests for the Lockheed Martin had a special significance, since even earlier, General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army, told Congress that the South American army unable to purchase all three «JSF». And a more suitable candidate for the reduction of the Marine Corps with all this is the «F-35B».

Excluding the positive reviews of journalists held a demo flight, experts from the Center for Defense disk imaging without much ecstatic about the combat aircraft and spacecraft have seen a massive number of problems regarding aspects of refinement «F-35B».

One aspect of the first was that two «F-35B», which took part in the demo flight, fly to «Patuxent River» for routine maintenance, which technicians «USS Wasp» was unable to cope. Apparently, specifically with this and has been linked to the transfer of weekly demo flights.

Immediately after the journalists left the air show at the 1st of the fighters at number «BF-4" has failed motor is driven lift fan, which provides for takeoff and landing vertical thrust. With this mechanism has been prepyadstviya, but as the developers say, they have already been solved, but it turned out not one hundred percent.

Notwithstanding produced recollection of planting «BF-4" is very smooth and crisp, the ship had planned to slow down below. A prerequisite for this was the design of the ship, when it comes to over-speed, air turbulence created. They have been wrongly calculated. To accidents are one hundred percent excluded had «Wasp» at lower their speed.

If you take into account that the «F-35B» in fact constantly pursue different prepyadstviya, in view of the fact that economical appropriations are reduced, probably one of the most challenging on the technical level options «F-35" vertical take-off and landing to get into series creation does not actually have a chance. It is unimportant loss for the U.S. Army — Marines will be able to buy themselves «F-35A» and standard landing and take-off. Most of all may suffer army England. It plans to conduct spoofing attack aircraft «Harrier» by fighters «F-35B». The risk for the British military to stay out of work is very high: the programm «JSF» already on the increase in the price eclipsed all records. Total price for the ten-year period applets have gained more than 60 billion. bucks. Purchase of such funds could be 5 class nuclear aircraft carriers «Nimitz» along with 700 fighters «F/A-18E/F» or else, for example, 150 is very expensive new generation of fighters «F-22."

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