Fighter fell on a house in the U.S.

Lead. Fighter-Bomber F/A-18 "Hornet" fell on Friday on one of the residential buildings in the town of Virginia Beach (Virginia). No casualties so far no data. The structure in flames above him rise up the dark clouds of smoke. To the site of the disaster headed police cars and several fire brigades. As the representative of the United States Navy, both fighter pilot managed to eject, ITAR-TASS reported. According to the military, pilot and more one people last on the ground were injured, the nature and severity of injuries was not specified, reports CNN.

In the middle of the affected both aircraft pilot who managed to eject and one firefighter. Pilots were given medical care, but, according to the representative of the disk imaging clinics, severe wounds they received. At the current time rescuers dismantled on the spot of the crash debris, trying to find beneath affected or killed, according to ITAR-TASS.

A witness told Pat Kavanagh: "I was sitting relaxed at home, and I heard a few resounding explosions. I immediately ran into the yard and saw that the earth is pilot, and on the building hangs his parachute. Naturally, I was horrified that he is injured, immediately offered to help. You see, I'm the last rescuer, so I know what to do in such cases. Later it turned out that the house hit plane. There was a lot of smoke. Other neighbors are also very experienced. Pilot apologized before us, but we are uttered, that's all right. "

Collapsed at home fighter-Bomber F-18 was assigned to the districts located in Virginia Beach, United States Navy air base Ousheana. Piloted his pilots were part of a squadron of "Gladiators" and conducted a training flight.

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