Fighter fifth generation will soon be tested on maneuverability

Fighter fifth-generation PAK FA (T-50) has recently begin tests on maneuverability, said on Thursday honored test pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation Sergey Bogdan.

At the current time in three trials involving the most experienced fighter reference 5th generation. This year should connect the fourth plane.
"Plane 5th generation in recent starts programmke tests super maneuverability. And those figures that are currently making the Su-35, T-50 aircraft in recent years will also be willing to do "- said Bogdan in an interview, "Our homeland 24".

He noted that, unlike the Su-35 (which is the plane of the 4 + +), the aircraft 5th generation large wing area, a greater volume of fuel, the engine with even more superior traction.

According to Bogdan, maneuverability T-50 will only be more, despite the huge demands placed on its "visibility". "Everything is a premise that plane will be significantly better than the Su-35 "- said Bogdan.

Comparing the plane T-50 South American fighter with 5th generation F-22 "Raptor", he said, that our T-50 came later, because all of the deficiencies that have been identified in the Yankees, were taken into account in the development of Russian aircraft.

"Our Su-30MKI in 1997 in terms of maneuverability showed no worse properties than the" Raptor. "Since then, 15 years have passed. According to what" Raptor "indicates the moment, we can judge that the maneuverability he overtook that plane, "- said Bogdan.

He stressed that tactical exercises with the aircraft Malaysia and India show that Russian planes have the upper hand in the "clashes".
"I think our strike aircraft developed in the right direction," — said Bogdan.

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