Fighter-hybrid will shoot laser beams

New South American fighter, As a successor of famous F-35 and F-22 in the future will be equipped with laser guns and functions evade detection by means radilokatsii and thermal imagers. That's not all it does. Fighter even be able to spalivat viruses infect computers and computer systems enemy. Such plans but built aviation chief scientist of the military department of the United States.

Fighter FX applets on arms arrive no earlier than 20 years. Meals fighter will be conducted on a hybrid design — batteries and electric motors. Its high-speed flight will allow energy to charge the gun, and do fly on the power supply to the ultra speeds.

Such a bold, if not to say utopian concept should do a tremendous amount of U.S. treasury. If there is a cheap drones comparable on the basis of stealth technology, then develop a flying super-expensive hybrid — very adventurous undertaking. But the thing is, that the principles that could form the basis of designing FX, have themselves can give a good impetus for the development of the world of aviation.

FX brand new energy system will remember something current system of hybrid cars. In this case, the ultra-efficient combined-cycle engine will allow a fly at high speeds and in a leisurely flight mode.

The whole essence of the power system based on the use of capacitor banks. They will store the energy that have accumulated through the work of the main motor. The computerized machine control system will allow to control the process of exploitation of capacitors. This will allow to equip new fighter super-power lasers striking, microwave guns, quenching the radar signals, as technology implementation virusonosnogo code in a computer opponent.

By plane will stand completely new electronic drives, which are designed to change izzhivshie themselves are massive and very inert hydraulic system. In addition, the electron clusters of new FX will transform recycled gases in a new fuel source, concentrating their energy. Charge capacitors and will accumulate through such a transformation. A if gases will be captured by the aircraft itself, even in the infrared spectrum of the FX will be virtually invisible. Savings in fuel consumption when using such a system looks completely naturally.

The new aircraft can not be called until the FX project. Faster is just a set of requirements or requests for future generations of aircraft. In this case, the emphasis is on an advantage in information development and economy of the American model.

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