Fighter of the future of the day — the concept of aviakontserna «Lockheed Martin»

By programmke «FX» to create a fighter 6th generation joined the South American airline «Lockheed Martin». As expected, this plane replace the air following modern aircraft — F-22 fighter jets. «Lockheed Martin» started to develop its project Aircraft of the future. The possible creation of such aircraft — somewhere in 2030.

Project airline aircraft of the future has just started to develop, or at least parts kakih-nibud information on the aircraft is not yet even on the official website of «Lockheed Martin». Designers working on the project of «Skunk Works», which is a division of Concern «Lockheed Martin». This division is perceived specific role in the development of the next recognizable projects:
— spy plane U-2
— strategic Scout SR-71 Blackbird;
— tactical strike plane F-117 Nighthawk;
— multi-purpose plane F-22 Raptor fifth generation;
— multirole aircraft F-35 Lightning II 5th generation.

As can be seen, future the new aircraft is completely real, a division «Skunk Works» substantiate its own prof level data completed projects.

On the basis of a poor disk imaging, which concern shared with the media disk imaging, the new aircraft will be provided:
— increased compared with the fifth generation aircraft, high-speed performance;
— aerodynamics promise to bring to the limit;
— increased distance combat implementation;
— most invisible to all detection equipment;
— equipment and components of the aircraft will be able to regenerate itself.

Artificial intelligence, which will be applied in the plane of the 6th generation, will manage all systems, sensors, airborne radars performance that will allow to deduce the response to different conditions of combat air operations, a completely new level. In the rest, plane planned in the coming 2-versions — manned and unmanned performance. All these guesses now sound quite fantastic, but we note that all of the above in the form of technologies and projects are now being intensively not only concern «Lockheed Martin», and the other companies and manufacturers, various institutions and associations in the field of aircraft and gallakticheskoy. But the road to the creation of the project, technical solutions, layout, and in the end, the current standard of the concern would be long and difficult, and very costly in financial terms.

In addition, the technology should be implemented and that means to use in the development of the aircraft. Of course one thing — the development will continue to grow until 2020, when they will be created from the real design of aircraft of the future. A rise in build such aircraft will be able to not earlier than 2030. So active project will lose its relevance even before the actual stages of development.

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