Fighters fifth generation of the various countries of the world

Air India October 5, 2010 announced that they want to buy fighter izderzhat fifth generation of 25 billion dollars. These aircraft will be made by India with Russia on the basis of the T-50. " report" presents images of existing and promising fighter generation "next", created in the various countries of the world.

F-22 Raptor. So far the only fighter in the world 5th generation, adopted by the armament

P-38 Lightning since the second world war and the F-22 in the doubles flight

F-22 and F-15 Eagle, facing the U.S. Air Force. Several states want to buy F-22, but the export of aircraft is prohibited by the U.S. government

Budding F-35 Lightning II. As expected, the first production aircraft entered service in 2016

The fighter will be available not only in the United States Air Force, and for export

F-35, not including the United States, want to buy England, Norway, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel and several other countries

Russian PAK FA (factory designation T-50). As such, made the first flight in January 2010

On the basis of the PAK FA will be created by the Indian Double fighter FGFA. India will accept it on armament after 2017

At the moment, the PAK FA looks so already. The adoption of the Russian Federation is planned for 2015 year

China is also making its own fighter fifth-generation J-XX. Its layout while nobody beheld

Because we mean that it will look like that. According to the Pentagon, J-XX entered service in China in 2018

Japan does fighter ATD-X Shinshin. There is a possibility that the plane did not go beyond the technology demonstrator

Its development since 2004, no progress on the layout of the airframe. Date of adopting yet unknown to

ATD-X Model for rinsing the tube. It is possible that Japan will refuse Shinshin in favor of the F-35

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