Fiji and Tonga was a powerful earthquake

6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred today in the Fiji archipelago6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred today in the Fiji archipelago. According to the Australian Seismological Service, its epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean, 220 km east of the capital city of Suva, the focus lies at a depth of 619 km. No injuries or damage were reported, according to
In addition, an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale occurred in the Kingdom of Tonga Islands, in the south-east Pacific. Data on victims and the destruction not yet been received, reports Warnings about the danger of a tsunami also was not.
Recall, on March 11 in Japan was a strong earthquake, which caused prices and volcanic eruptions. As a result, the condition of the nuclear power plant emergency, located on the Japanese coast, which was in danger of radiation contamination. The death toll from the earthquake and its aftermath has already exceeded 11 thousand people, many more missing.

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