Firebird — it is not fiction!

From childhood we are used to a simple explanation for the existence of this mysterious miracle bird. Mythical creature of Russian fairy tales, it is the object of the search character. Feathers firebird have the ability to glow and shine, amazing view of the people. Its feathers gleaming silver and gold, the wings, the flames, his eyes shine like crystals. Reaches the size of a peacock.

But there is a different opinion about this creation. Here he writes about the authoritative American magazine Fate.

The existence of strange and unclassified forms of life that might inhabit the Earth atmosphere, has long been the subject of speculation and private research. And in the myths, fairy tales and folklore of many cultures are being — are common. For example, it can be seen in the form of bellows, a metal bird feathers, natural phenomenon (the car) or handmade crafts. In folklore, such creatures portrayed soft and kind creatures, however, some facts and stories define them as celestial predators and evil creatures.

Researcher Scott Korrelz unearthed in the archives of reports about the "bird-arsonists", which was blamed for the fire of Rome in 106 BC, and was involved in the conflagration in Puerto Rico (in 1970), as told Press in 1997.

Researcher Trevor James Constable back in the 1950s, managed to take a photo of some ethereal beings Modzheyv over the desert in California, which used infrared lens. Famous film director Jose Escamilla once shocked the world by submitting a video with the footage, where he made bystroletayuschih beings, whom he called sticks. This entry was declared genuine scientific commission and to this day does not give scientists the rest of his inexplicable.

Fortean correspondent Vincent P. Gaddis told thrilling tale of "sky serpents", which was later published in the book "Mysterious lights and light." Establishment mentioned by journalist reaches a size of 20 m, they were troublemakers in Kraufordsvill (Indiana) in September 1891, which is preserved numerous eyewitness accounts. Among them was a local pastor, testified: "These creatures were burning eyes, their breath burned at a great distance."


These creatures captured in his drawings and published in color edition William Gordon. In this he was helped by the witnesses of the phenomenon and the 1976 documentary "UFO dominated" with rare footage where taken these rare creatures either, or phenomenon.

Already mentioned here Vincent P. Gaddis said a coincidence related to the fiery bird, "… September 11, 1948 Thousands of birds were killed and injured in a collision with the building of the famous Empire State Building in New York." A similar incident happened in Baltimore, where a huge flock of birds crashed into translational tower WBAL (WB).

It should be noted that on the same day (11 September 1948) was a fine sunny weather, the fog was observed. Experts explain the absurd by keeping birds swift attack on them, which made heaven predators, invisible to the human eye. In any case, the behavior of birds in one day is usually not called.

30 years before the events referred to in the journal Monthly Weather Review for May, 1917, we read an interesting note, which describes the phenomenon, when the city of Baton Rouge (Louisiana) with a clear sky dropped dead hundreds of birds of different species. The reasons are unknown ptitsepadeniya. But Vincent Gaddis recalled that at the head of the town residents in California Capitola Beach in August 1960 fell more than a thousand dead petrels. And the same for no apparent reason.

In the book, Charles Fort "The Book of Curses" raised a lot of logged histories of similar persuasion. One note is taken from the official magazine of the Swedish Academy of Sciences. It says both the coastal city fell, a kind of jelly-like substance, the structure looks like to the touch soft stretchy plastic.

But the naturalist and writer Ivan T. Sanderson collects all these stories from the press and radio, discussing them on the air with ornithologists and scientists. One law after the "loss" flocks of dead birds, he still managed to find. It is the presence in the sky at the time the jet contrails. The presence of such an insignificant and ephemeral fact, of course, does not prove anything, but bezrybe … as the saying goes.


No less mysterious phenomenon than birds carrying fire, is a mysterious substance found in some of the Earth's atmosphere, which scientists call the airgel. This strange substance in his time by the National Laboratory of the U.S.. Spending a lot of money, it has come to the conclusion that the substance is a transient state of matter, the boundary between the gas and solid. When heated airgel changes the physical qualities and becomes lighter than air. This substance then called "solid smoke", in the laboratory it at that time delivered from space (from the comet Wild-2) unmanned spacecraft Stardust Mission. The laboratory staff were amazed: touching the hands of the airgel, a man not feel it and not feel it. The strange thing evolved: the thing in front of your eyes, but in fact it is not.

When heated airgel changes the physical qualities and becomes lighter than air

Imagine the surprise, embarrassment and confusion of Florida detective Faustin Gallegos, who first discovered this mysterious substance in the act Dec. 28, 1958. He was obliged to draw up a statement of the discovery with a list of substances or substance. What Gallegos could record? He put the find, take the form of a ball in a glass jar laborantsky to save the night. But by morning meduzoobraznoe gelatinous substance completely evaporated, leaving a memory of himself even smell.

So, we are dealing with a substance or another substance with which it is impossible to smell, touch, keep in a closed space and even hard to describe. So why do we exclude the possibility of aerial predator instincts with fireworks, and invisible to the human eye birds, terrifying his brethren, that they fall to the ground dead?

Reason one: we are not used to believe that we can not see, touch, smell.

By the way, in the current literature, we have only one description of the aerial predator attack humans. This is a scene from the best-selling American author Charles Berlitz "Triangle Dragon." He was released in 1989. Be aware that the writer used in his work, the real story that took place in the practice of scientific researcher Robert Coe Gardner.

In the summer of 1939 from a military airfield naval base in San Diego has already started a transport plane that flew over the Pacific. But an hour after departure, based on received from this side on the radio-band signal SOS, and then on the air there was complete silence. And the board has headed back to base.

After an emergency landing in San Diego before the eyes appeared a terrible employee base and striking picture. 12 of the 13 crew members were dead. Aircraft led to the base of the 2nd pilot, who was at the time the engine stops unconscious. He later died on the way to the hospital. All members of the crew (already dead) on the bodies found are large and deep lacerations. Was also mangled body of the aircraft. Even wonder how he was able to make it to the base with such dreadful injuries. And the strange thing: all the crew members were devastated pistol cartridge and drum revolvers. There was no doubt they were frightened and desperate for someone shooting back to the last round. But to whom or what they were shooting? Then this episode in the form of an order could be quiet, but the issue has become known Gardner in 1954, which he described in his book.

PS output correspondents of scientific publications is easy: clean and the blue sky above our heads, not all so transparent, clear and obvious as it seems in the wonderful sunny weather. A firebird, perhaps sitting on the apple tree in your garden in the country. Be alert to the world around us. He's so enigmatic and mysterious …

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