Fishman civilization on the ocean floor

Fishman civilization on the ocean floor

Under the water there is a civilization Fishman, and people sometimes they are encountered. Anthropologists believe that in the Quaternary period, when the cold snap, the ancestors of the people were semi-aquatic lifestyle in the Indian Ocean. Long voyage gradually led to the disappearance of hair, the formation of fat, and diving — to the development of gills.

As we know, life originated in water. Therefore, if in the depths of the oceans inhabit some form of reason, it must be older than the human at least 1.5 million years. And it's not just random speculation. Researchers believe that the water there is an entire civilization … "Fishman". From time to time we come across them!

No matter how weird it may seem, this assumption, the facts — stubborn things. Thus, the presence of high mental abilities of dolphins has been proven in the 60's of the last century. Their brain is comparable in size to the human, but the number of convolutions — twice. Now proven that dolphins also possess a collective memory. They are characterized as identification with the reflection in the mirror, abstract thinking and the transfer of acquired skills from generation to generation.

Scientists have discovered that a whistle with which dolphins communicate with each other, contains sounds that can be considered the names of animals, but the new study found that the information is understood as a dolphin word, not just the familiar signal from the neighbor. Moreover, two dolphins can talk about the third, calling him by name!

Where did such an amazing ability to dolphins? It is possible that these animals were once … people! And that representatives of the strange race, "Fishman" still live on the ocean floor!

Most anthropologists believe that in the Quaternary period, when the cold snap, the ancestors of the people were semi-aquatic lifestyle in the Indian Ocean. Long voyage gradually led to the disappearance of hair and formation of fat to prevent hypothermia. A diving for shells and other marine life in the coastal part of the sea of people contributed to the development of new respiratory organs — gill …

And Herodotus, Plato believed people initially "amfibioobraznymi" and did not rule out the possibility of an underwater base of the state. The ancient Indian texts tell of underwater people danavas. According to the philosopher Kavtsini, off Spain vodilos animal, whose face is similar to that of men, it grows a white beard, and in appearance it resembles a frog. As the chronicle of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the same entity can be found on the shores of Lake Van of the Armenian. And another "sea people" in the XVIII century, allegedly over a year living in the Oxford Castle …

Meetings take place with "sea people" in our time. In 1961, a floating creature with a human head was seen in Saldanha Bay. In 1979, an incredible monster with a long tail and body covered with black hair, found on the banks of the river Vizhes. In some cities, people Caspian claim that personally watched Amphibian Man, managing the huge shoals of fish.

Description of marine humanoid in all cases is identical: a little below average height (165-168 cm), thick, with convex, comb stomach pinnipeds feet, hands — four fingers are connected by membranes. The skin color of the lunar, hard black and green hair, arms and legs slightly shorter and thicker than the average person, the nails are growing not only in the fingers, and on the tip of the nose gorbovidnogo, forming a dolphin's beak. Ears can not see, his eyes are large, round, mouth too big, with a protruding upper jaw, blending smoothly into the neck, no chin, lower lip — reduced similarity shark jaws.

In Iran, the human-amphibian called Rune Shah, consider it a master of waters and rivers. Fishermen who have seen the "lord of the sea," coming out of the depths, say that other marine creatures like feel it coming. For two or three minutes before the monster fish becoming active, becoming almost on tip of tail, and that to them quite unnatural, uttering at the same barely audible gurgling sounds. And Rune Shah meets them with a loud gurgling bubbling …

Be that as it may, if the underwater race, and there it remains alien to humanity and for the most part hostile. Perhaps some day we learn more about their "Brothers in Mind" and even be able to enter into contact with them. But to do that may be needed for centuries, if not millennia …

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