Following the tornado in the eastern U.S. come flooding

Following the tornado in the eastern U.S. come flooding

Because of the rain and melting snow in the eastern U.S. rivers burst their banks. There is information about the victims.
In the U.S., flood cover new regions. Followed by North Carolina, Oklahoma, Alabama and Virginia emergency situation exists in many parts of the east.

The melting of snow and rain the river overflowed. Washington and its suburbs under water were cafes along the promenade, underground garages, and even the first floors of some houses.

Locals on the Potomac River constructing the dam. Emergency equipment is working around the clock. Some states have declared an emergency.

Recall, before it was reported that the number of victims of a powerful cyclone in the south-eastern United States has reached 45 people. Of inclement weather the hardest hit North Carolina, Virginia and Oklahoma. The storm brought heavy rain, hail and hundreds of tornadoes.


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