For the 20th anniversary of the death of the USSR

For the 20th anniversary of the death of the USSR

20 years ago, has been put on the official point of the process that went into the history books as the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was a real geopolitical tragedy that almost everything has changed the course of world historical process, suddenly broke the fate of millions of people, we disentangle its effects so far.

December 25, MS Gorbachev announced the termination of its activities as President of the Soviet Union. The Kremlin was lowered reddish flag in its place hoisted the Russian tricolor. We have lost almost half of the population, and several million square kilometers area. Were ditched merits of several centuries of careful work of the Russian people to build the empire.

After all, the Soviet Union was in fact the same Russian empire, the place of the Russian civilization, mastered by the spirit and work of the Russian people. For centuries, the building was erected by the Empire, vorachivalis earth core of Russia — Snow White and Little Russia, to master the land Novorossia power firmly established on the shores of the Baltic, of the Black Sea, Pacific Ocean, moves the boundaries of the Caucasus and Central Asia. In the creative process involved 10's tribes and ethnic groups that are under the massive influence of Russian culture became Russian Finno-Ugric, Tatars, Germans, Jews, etc. The Russian language, Russian spiritual and material culture, the political will of the rulers, the common interests of the people make this place one.

Was inevitable disintegration of the Union of Russian? The assertion that we have heard from the lips of various Western politicians, professionals, their Russian sang like Svanidze Mlechina, Posner, Gorbachev, who seek to prove that the process of disintegration of the empire was a natural, even preordained almost from the very inception of the Soviet Union. Allegedly, the planned economy is not viable (though in modern Russia is not the first year they say about the "2020 strategy", and so the plans, ie de facto recognize the need to plan), and inter-ethnic conflicts at some point would have led to disintegration of the country.

If the years of "perestroika", first the 1990s, these ideas were simply enter into the consciousness of people, then the reality of life led them to think about this question. There the work of economists, historians, political scientists, who based the turnaround. And they relied on imagination and exaggeration of different memoirs, and on the facts, logic, common sense. For example, in the middle of recognizable works of such a plan works SG Kara-Murza ("Manipulation of consciousness," "Soviet Civilization," etc.), Yu Mukhina ("Murder of Stalin and Beria" and many others. Etc.), M. Kalashnikov ("Broken Blade Empire," "The Battle of heaven "). The creators of these and other similar works acknowledged that the Soviet Union was to hold a series of reforms — economic, political, renew the political system (it is worth noting that such reforms planned by Stalin and Beria, but after removing the Soviet Union was preserved). It was necessary to carry out national direction, not internationalist foreign policy, to respond to the challenges of the era. But this did not have to crush the Soviet Union, the socio-political order, which was built centuries.

Much has been said about the word "backwardness" of the economy of the late USSR, which could not provide the population with jeans, sausage, beautiful and high-quality private cars. But behind the facade of fine words hide the fact that the economy of the Western states for centuries formed as a parasite, it sucked resources from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and of Russia. West built its prosperity (relative, because there were millions of poor, uneducated people living in slums, with no hope of a normal life) on the bones of the natives of the occupied lands, colonies, neo-colony. This system continued in today's time, only in a modified form, when mighty fleet of warships, the colonial troops changed the dependence Baksova system, international banks and companies. Although used as needed, and brute force, as in the case of Libyan.

Russian Alliance in contrast to the Western world has built its prosperity by focusing on their strengths and resources. Vice-President of Russian Academy of Economic Sciences Vasily Simchera results in his work "The development of the Russian economy for 100 years" notable facts before Gorbachev's perestroika, the pace of development of the national economy amounted to 5.4%, in the years of "perestroika" (1986-1990) growth in gross domestic product (GDP) fell to 2.4% per year. But even with these "dead" the pace of development of the economy (which at the present time in the United States and Western Europe are revered for the good) after 20 years, the country would have not VVVP 1.6 trillion dollars, and at 4.3 trillion U.S. dollars. This figure means that people would be promised kazhdomesyachnaya salary equivalent to about 2 thousand dollars on the 1st working. In the 1980s we had the power, rich with their investments, developed by the manufacturing sector, which allowed the creation of "breakthrough" product in gallakticheskoy and defense sector. It should be noted that all the credit for the modern Russian military-industrial complex — is the modernization that was created in the Russian Union. Even keeping the 2% growth in 20 years Russian Alliance tied the game with a modern Japan. And if in the middle of the 1980s, the share of Russian economic Russian Federation was equal to 15-16% of global GDP, the current time, it is the least 3%.

So Makarov, it is clear that the financial model of the Soviet Union, it is natural to seek structural reforms and liberalization in agriculture (while maintaining and upgrading a strong system of state and collective farms to guarantee the food security of the country), light industry, trade, services. Enormous difficulties in introducing new products have been scientific and technological progress in life. Significant funds could save by conducting some work in the field of defense, focusing on cutting-edge areas of scientific and technological progress, upgrading an existing technique by ceasing to rivet tyschami tanks. Huge funds could be obtained by changing the foreign policy for the support of the States was necessary to receive some benefit. USSR drew many freeloaders, this practice had to stop.

USSR needed to modernize the economy, and of the political sphere, but not destruction. Communist thought, with all its inadequacy in the statement of Engels, Marx and Lenin, has been associated with the millennial notions of Russian people (well, other people) a fair world order, teamwork, cooperation, a kingdom of justice and mutual aid. The elimination of the USSR crossed this idea, but instead of giving back only model ("Satan") — the idea of the "golden calf", the pursuit of pleasure, the growth of real consumption.

Who povinet?

It seems that Americans are very mistaken, thinking that they have played a major role in the collapse of the Union of Russian, though, of course, the United States have made to this great effort.

In the death of the USSR possible to see a range of circumstances (as in the death of Russian empire). In 1-x, the responsibility of the party-state, the Union of Russian military elite, which failed to respond to the challenges of the time, and partly on the
path of treachery.

In the Russian Union failed to make a stable system upgrades and training elite statist patriots (although some elements that could make a coherent, orderly system, were, like Suvorov and Nakhimov schools). Degradation was more than a decade, and to the "restructuring" was a significant part of the control of careerists, opportunists, lacking self-will of the people who looked at the destruction of the country with indifference or intensely involved in the process. Another factor in the degradation of imperative structures was the formation of the USSR national ethnocracies (to the republics of Central Asia and the Caucasus).

Some leaders even made direct sabotage and sabotage. In another unrealistic to explain the simultaneous closing of tobacco factories or companies in the production of detergents. Specially organized by the lack of goods in the capital, although on access roads to Moscow there were hundreds of refrigerators with meat, fish, butter, cheese — they simply do not miss the city. In this regard, recall some details of the history of the February Revolution of 1917, when disrupted the supply of ammunition to the front of flour in St. Petersburg. A sharp injection of public discontent.

If we talk about the actions of the top party and government of the USSR, there is definitely a traitor powers involved Gorbachev, Yakovlev, Shevardnadze. The participants also recognized sad Belovezhskaya agreements — Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich their assistants who prepared the documents — Burbulis Kebich, Gaidar, Shahrai, Kozyrev, Fokin.

Naturally, one can not forget the role of head gravedigger USSR, without which it was impossible to kill this majestic power, the man who had to defend the Russian Alliance to own last breath — Misha Gorbachev. Specifically, he was a pioneer and conductors of almost all internal and external activities that were aimed at the destruction of the country. Specifically, Gorbachev gave in Reykjavik and Malta promises the U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bush dissolve the Company D. Warsaw Pact and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, let Baltic republics freely leave the Union, etc. He did not let Belavezha agreements, although the Belarusian KGB informed him about them, expressing readiness "to cover the whole company." He could arrest these people brought to justice, but in the end has permitted deliberately to destroy the Soviet Union.

For the 20th anniversary of the death of the USSR

Second culprit collapse of the Soviet Union — Russian people. In particular, to highlight the role of intellectuals not a good, as in the death of Russian Empire, in the preparation of the collapse of the Russian Federation today. People did not realize what consequences changing socio-political system, paying for his mistake later millions of lives and broken lives.

The best part, especially in rural areas and small towns, to meet this event with indifference driven to the slaughter of the herd. A minority in the main intellectuals and residents of large cities, welcomed these actions, contributing to the death of the empire. They thought that capitalism and the market — this is freedom, abundance, but did not know the cost of this. And the cost is terrible — the degradation of education, medicine and science, hundreds of thousands of homeless people, beggars, orphans, prostitutes, drug addicts and alcoholics, the sharp decline of social security, millions of demographic weight loss and other negative phenomena.

It is clear that took part in the collapse of the Soviet Union and external forces, as well as winding up in the Russian Empire. United States as the successor continued the policy of the British Empire in London. The aim of the West was liquidation, liquidation of, its people as the main geopolitical rivals on the planet. The methods were different — from the decomposition of the public using various kinds of information, "virus", like rock and roll, the other zabugornoy music, images, well-fed and wonderful life of western people, etc., to the impact on the economy of the arms race (including using the well-known programs from the "Star Wars"), lowering the price of hydrocarbons.

Coordinated actions by the leading Western intelligence was formed fifth column based on different movements, non-governmental organizations, human rights defenders. Almost all the media of the USSR, with the help of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU (they ran a traitor AN Yakovlev), were engaged in that justify the need for economic substitution, and then the socio-political system of the Union of Russian. Were formed authoritative images of several 10-s "talking heads" that from TV screens, pages of newspapers inspire one main idea — "Carthage must be destroyed because it is not viable." Made dominant negative outlook about the Soviet Union and its future, its image just destroyed. Other performances just were not allowed to mass consciousness of the people.

What to do?

At the moment, the same forces once again trying to repeat 1991 (1917) year. We litsezreem in the same ranks pro-Western intellectuals, the fifth column in the face of various political parties and movements, non-governmental organizations, the traitors among the party-state elite (the "United Russia" plays the role of the Communist Party), external force.

United against Russia as an old traitors (like Gorbachev) and a new generation of FTI. Former Soviet President Vladimir Putin proposed a "leave now." In his view, there is nothing terrible. Like, I resigned myself maybe 20 years ago, and Putin has to do. Gorbachev to Putin offers almost repeat it to defect, and when he passed the USSR: "And what is terrible?"

He was echoed by former vice-premier and former Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, who on Dec. 24 at a rally on Sakharov Avenue, said that the government should run from words to action (ie, require these people require the latest "restructuring"), on the other "Revolution can happen." Kudrin claimed to send to dismiss the head of the Central Election Commission Vladimir Churov to hold premature elections for the municipal council, to create new legislation.

Russia try again plunge into turmoil, dismember ("enough to feed the Caucasus", the formation of civilization "coast-dwellers," Siberians "and so forth motion). Solve the "Russian question" in order to save the crisis entered into a fierce West.

Although the situation is still somewhat different: Putin — no Gorbachev, there are independent channels of informing the public (including the Web), there is a vague image of the future, in the form of a "Eurasian Union". Our homeland, Kazakhstan and Belarus forms the core of this life-saving block. Putin says a large-scale "big building" re-industrialization of the country — it promised to invest 43 trillion rubles. Re-started the Armed Forces, in foreign policy, we litsezreem samples defend the interests of our state (Syria).

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