George Schirmbeck: Belarusians are silent until the economy will crash

Member of the Bundestag from the CDU / CSU Schirmbeck George, who has repeatedly visited Belarus and the third time watching the elections in the country by the OSCE, said that now the election of Alexander Lukashenko really supported by the majority of the population. "While the country has a definite economic development, citizens in Belarus silent. If, however, the economy will crash, Lukashenko is in danger. "

"I was now at 16 polling stations and none of them had not met anything that could cause any complaints, "said Georg Schirmbeck in an interview with the publication Spiegel Online.

"Clearly, Belarus — is not Germany, he continues. — Some of the statements here, as, by the way, in the same Italy, for example, may be unacceptable. Moreover, Belarus is a country with democratic traditions. And we need to understand. Saying that Lukashenko — evil, and all the opposition candidates — the good, it is very simple. Among Lukashenko's opponents — two different people. Some of us have heard such statements, which sometimes raised the question: is not Lukashenko pushed them? . "

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