Giant second World — ACS Carl

"Karl" (German factory index «Gerät 040" — "installation of 040") — languid German self-propelled mortar, which took part in the second world war. This mortar was intended to storm the fortress or a very fortified enemy defense. Catchy representative of the most massive self-propelled gun mounts own period.

The history of "Carla" was started in the 35th year of the last century. At that time, the company Rheinmetall-Borsig spent developing rifled mortar at the caliber of 600 mm. This was due to a mortar capable of firing projectiles weighing up to 4 tons up to a distance of a kilometer. His name she received from the General of Artillery of Charles Becker, who managed the design and construction of ACS.
After 2 years from the start of the design mortar and concrete in 1937, was made by an experienced reference tool. Mortar was of a spectacular appearance, weighed more than 55 tons, throw out the shells weighing about 2 tons to a distance of 3 km.

But coupled with the fact there was one major flaw in such a bewildering guns. It was his awkwardness. In this connection, in the same 1937 work began on the creation of a self-propelled mortar gun carriage. After installing the mortar on carriage full weight artillery system was 97 tons. But it was not the final upgrade "Carl." Designers on the instructions of the Wehrmacht carriage was covered in armor, in addition was upgraded tool and its length was 5108 mm. In this form, weight self-propelled mortar was 126 tons. Experienced standard mortars on vosmikatkovom crawlers in May 1940, has successfully passed the tests. As of November 1940 , began the creation of a small party mortars. Creation was completed in August 1941.

The company Rheinmetall-Borsig has made a total of 6 self-propelled mortar. Since these were isolated instances of gun mount, any of the mortars was called by her naming her. 6 made guns called:
1 — "Adam» («Adam»), later renamed the "Balder» («Baldur»),
2 — "Eve» («Eva»), later renamed the "Wotan» («Wotan»),
3 — "One» («Odin»),
4 — "Thor» («Thor»),
5 — "Loki» («Loki»),
6 — "CIU» («Ziu»)

First gun mount "Adam" was transferred to the military in November 40th of the year. In April the 41 th German army was still 3 mortar "One," "Thor" and "Eve." The remaining two mortars — "CIU" and "Loki" — given the army in late August, 41-year.

Some evidence points to the existence and seventh installation, which was called "Fenrir» («Fenrir»). As you know, this mortar in the fighting did not participate and was used as a test site. Completely possible that this naming was named built in May 1940 the mock.

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