Giorgio Vondzhovani lamb of God.

For twenty years, as a Sicilian Dzhorzhdio Vondzhovani attracts the attention of many ordinary people, experts and scientists from all over the world.

Its history began in 1989.
Second in September 1989 while in Portugal Fatima, one of the areas of the Saints, he laid flowers at the foot of the statue in front of him and suddenly there was a bright column of light, and in him the figure of the Madonna.

Giovanni: I was given a long message, and clearly states what will be my end missiya.V Mary asked me if I could take the suffering for the love of God?
I agree, if it is for Christ's sake, it is ready.

Madonna Celesta was precisely that which was three peasant children of Fatima in 1917. She told me that I would have to carry that last message that the Vatican is still hiding from the world, the one of which she told the last of the children Lucia. The Catholic Church does not want to disclose the truth, but it all should know.
But other than that, you will also carry other messages to mankind.

I felt that I was out of the hot light, and looked at his hands, one was bleeding ….. realized that this is the stigmata.
The main message to people:

You are not alone in the universe, God created many civilizations, similar to yours. All civilizations God gave his revelation and knowledge, but only you, earthlings properly build your life! Others have reached a very high level of development, their development has gone the right way. Aliens from other worlds have learned to travel in time, the distance to them is irrelevant. I would say that people in recent years often see them, but you should not be afraid of it. They are the messengers of God and Earthlings arrive to you to deliver a message of the Almighty, humanity is on the verge of a precipice, on the edge of the END! All crop circles, this desire to explain to you how and what to do to prevent the end of your civilization! People are living in evil and God is angry! Know what will soon be the second coming, God will come with angels and archangels, not only to judge, but to save. Before that will happen many unexplained things.

At the time of his coming will see the millions of non-believers and believe, they will repent of their sins, but it is too late, on the Earth will be a lot of disasters and you will suffer greatly, and many will die. 144,000 humans are already taken, but they are under the protection of God.
The exact date of the arrival of Madonna is not named, but said that people will feel it themselves.

Giorgio now about 60 years, but so far he develops the stigmata on the hands, feet, forehead. He met with many heads of state, touring the world. He is a man of deep faith.

In Italy, thousands of people consider it the second son of God, but the Vatican has so far rejected. At the moment it has 10 letters Madonna Celeste (not the mother of God, and one of the Saints), is also in contact with him by aliens.

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