Global Atlas with information about renewable energy is open to the public

The International Renewable Energy Agency finally allowed access to the "Global Atlas", which contains information on the distribution of environmentally friendly types of energy in the world. The researchers, who worked on the development of the first of its kind of this atlas, explained that currently there are registered and fully integrated data only on local production of wind and solar.

"Global Atlas" with information about renewable energy is open to the public

However, all of the scientific community, the power industry, as well as potential investors are hoping that very soon the description of the other types of renewable energy sources to fully get to the page of the atlas. This, in turn, will make the projects connected with development of green energy more reliable than today.
"Global Atlas" will serve as a universal information platform that will provide the international community cards renewable energy from leading technical institutions in the world and the tools to assess the technical capacity of existing sources of such energy. The appearance of the atlas may be the catalyst for the strategic development and support of the investment in science and technology, which will enhance the market for renewable energy. Investment procedure will become more transparent, and thus increase the prestige production of clean energy, in what way our planet needs.
"Global Atlas" will help to calculate how much energy can be produced by installing wind turbines and / or solar cells in different parts of the world. "The Global Atlas includes all aspects and the necessary information, including the resources potential of the region, as well as related information on socio-economic data, policies, support mechanisms and infrastructure data.

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