Grodno: If nothing ever changed, how do we know how to be better


The Grodno region in primary election day, voter turnout was high, and observers of the electoral process and noted numerous violations of the electoral process.

The first reports of electoral violations were in the morning, when the site number 91 in Grodno, observers noted that the protocol for early voting made more than on one of those voters who actually voted.

Such infarmatsyyay came in and out of the city Svislach. Says the coordinator of an independent monitoring Victor Sazonov:

Sazonov: "The most flagrant violation — it Svislochi at one site do not match the numbers of early voters observers to those officially recorded in the minutes. They differ by 88 votes, which is almost on a small area is almost 10% of all voters."

In almost every field of observers is not ready commissions. Special attention was paid to the ballot boxes, which for some reason you can easily unwind, they are poorly sealed, etc. With this remark called observers in Grodno ordinary voters of Raven, it turned out that his comment did not respond to any location Chairman of the Commission, no observers were present at the site.

There you can not just shove a ballot, the whole pack — a large slit

Man: "I went to the box with a vote, and it is very weakly attached top cover, and so that there can not just shove a ballot, the whole pack — a large crevice."

In Slonim coordinator monitors Ivan Sheha also notes the high voter turnout, but his most concerned about the ratio of committee chairpersons to observers.

Sheha: "The statements were written in advance that the meetings of the Commission to take a decision on how the counting of votes will take place, so that later we did not push. But no one any answers does not give us."

In Grodno at the polling stations was too crowded. Traditionally sites hosted concerts and worked buffet. I asked the people who came out of the land — for which they gave their votes?

Man: "I voted for the quiet life and for the well-being of the order and for stability …"

Woman: "For the future of voting for a new president. Future for our children must better than ours. "

Man: "I voted against all, because he had not seen a worthy candidate. Both the current does not suit me. And we have nothing to do about one candidate did not know WHOcould … . "

Woman: "voted for the hope that something might change. There must be something new, as if nothing ever changed, how do we know, how can there be anything better."

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