Grybauskaite won in the category blooper year because of Lukashenka?

The blog "Eastern approaches" on the website of British weekly The Economist, devoted to events in the post-communist countries, the president of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite declared the winner in the category "gaffe of the year."

The reason — the refusal Grybauskaite attend a dinner with U.S. President Barack Obama and a positive attitude to Alexander Lukashenko.

The reason of failure of the dinner with Obama Grybauskaite had a negative attitude towards a new agreement on nuclear disarmament strategy between the U.S. and Russia.

"It can get to the White House only when coming back from other tourists." — The Economist Cites anonymous U.S. official.

The magazine also notes that "Grybauskaite, working at the European Commission, where she was responsible for the budget, perfectly fulfilled their duties, but the acting president — other".

Lithuanian President has refused to participate in the dinner organized by the U.S. President at the beginning of April in the Czech Republic. At the dinner were invited leaders of Eastern Europe. Grybauskaite said she does not want to drink champagne for the contract, which may harm the security of Europe.

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