HAARP — climate weapon. Full version. Director: Galina Tsareva

The film is heavy, requires a lot of attention, patience and DISTRIBUTION.

I express my personal opinion

Year: 2010
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 1:20 +1:38
Director: Galina Tsareva
Description: In the U.S., under the guise of a global missile defense project, implemented under the program of integrated studies of radio frequency effects on the ionosphere, "HAARP" is the development of plasma weapons. According to her in Alaska, at the site Hakon, built a powerful radar system — a huge antenna field area of 13 hectares. Directional antennas allow the zenith focus short pulses of radiation in some parts of the ionosphere and reheat them until a temperature plasma. Power of its radiation is many times higher radiation from the sun.
Essentially, HAARP — a colossal microwave, whose radiation can be focused anywhere in the world, causing a variety of natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, heat, etc.), and various man-made disasters (break radio on large areas, degrade the accuracy of satellite navigation, "radar blind" to create an accident in power, on the lines of gas and oil pipelines entire regions, etc.), work on the mind and psyche of people.
The film tells about the kinds of climate and use of arms, its development in the USSR and the USA, on a set of HAARP, of natural disasters, the impact on the human mind, on the causes of the heat wave and fires in the summer of 2010 in Russia.
Extras. Information: In the film, attended by Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov, geophysicist Alexei Nikolaev, political analyst Sergey Shatokhin Professor Boris Rodionov, Professor Sergei Komkov Academician Vladimir Fortov, State Duma deputy Vladimir Nikitin, writer Alex Dobychin etc.

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