Harrier fighter, from a fearless fighter to the last flight

RAF Fighter "Harrier"After 40 years of service, was removed from service, as a result of spending cuts on defense. The aircraft passed on armament in 1969, said his resignation to the final flight of the airport Kottesmor. In these photos, we remember moments in the life of the 1st of the iconic British fighter jets.

1. Hawker Siddeley "Harrier" refuels in flight from tanker "Victor" the Royal Air Force.

2. 1969: Harrier takes off from the test airfield Hawker Siddeley in Dansfolde, Surrey

3. 1975: Harrier lands, lifting the veil of spray on an aircraft carrier England "Fearless", which is moored at Greenwich.

4. 1982: The Marines lined up to check the guns on the aircraft carrier Her Imperial Majesty "Hermes" in the South Atlantic.

5. Margaret Thatcher visits the Navy plane Harrier during a visit to the factory "British Aerospace" in Dansfolde, Surrey in 1982.

6. 1991: The Princess of Wales Prince Harry looks on. He sits in the cockpit of Harrier GR5, during a visit to the airbase RAF Uayterring.

7. Different models RAF Harrier aircraft during flight.

8. Harrier aircraft in service during the flight

9. 1999: Engineer RAF ground crew repairs plane Harrier. He closed by rain that postponed the day flights from the airfield of Gioia del Colle in southern Italy. The planes were in NATO and participated in air strikes on the former Yugoslavia and Kosovo.

10. The ground crew waving to the aircraft Harrier GR7 time landing at a base in Kuwait, during a mission in Iraq in 2003.

11. 2003: The Harrier is based in Kuwait rear member of the ground crew. Photos made camera view at night time mission in Iraq.

12. Harrier GR9 sits on a decommissioned aircraft carrier of the Royal Armed Forces "Ark".

13. 2007: Plane Beagle standing on the Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan

14. Harrier jets soar up from the airport Kottesmor in Oakham during the "last flight", after which they will be removed from service.

15. The parade, marking the withdrawal of fighters Harrier GR9 with the Air Armament England Kottesmor.

16. Harrier pilots after the flight.

17. Two Harrier in flight at the airport Kottesmor. Flypast took place on 7 military bases, as the town center of Oakham, Stamford and Lincoln Cathedral.

18. Squadron Commander Simon Dzhessett waving from the cockpit after the last flight of Harrier

19. Harriers in service at the time of the last flight over the airfield Kottesmor.

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