Hidden aliens … in our midst


The outstanding talent some people have always attracted the attention of researchers. Nostradamus, Leonardo da Vinci, Lomonosov — if they accidentally come into our world, leaving a deep imprint on the history and the minds of many generations?

British researcher John Pope says that all the geniuses of mankind — the descendants of space aliens. About 30-40 thousand years ago, our planet was visited by extraterrestrial intelligence. They founded the ancient civilization reached the advanced stage of development. Aliens married with earthlings, their children were born. Currently about 50 percent of the world's population is composed of people whose ancestors were strangers.

According to the Pope, this category includes all the famous scientists and artists, psychics and clairvoyants. But the brightest talents has only 1 percent of humanity. Perhaps they are derived from the more recent alliances with aliens or alien they have more genes than others.

13-year-old boy from the Volgograd region has mysterious powers. For example, he argues that once lived on the planet Mars, and talks about her amazing things.

Hope mom Boriska, says that her son was different early development, when he was only two weeks, he was holding the head, and began to speak in six months. Boris learned to read and a half years, by the system of Nikitin. Draw — in two. In kindergarten, he showed excellent memory, language skills.

At the same time, parents and teachers noticed that the gifted child somewhere know things that no one spoke to him. For example, he would sit in a pose of "lotus" and begin to tell others unbelievable details about space, planetary systems and other intelligent civilizations.

Not immediately, but the adults were listening to the chatter of the little boy. About Boris reported that he used to live on Mars, which is still inhabited. In a nuclear war, the planet lost its atmosphere, and its inhabitants were forced to go underground. Over time, the survivors have adapted to breathe carbon dioxide.

According Boriska, the Martians are immortal — their body is "stuck" at the level of terrestrial 30-35. In the days of Boris Lemurian civilization not flown back to Earth in a spaceship, engaged in trade and scientific research. He watched as the lost Lemuria is a huge continent, crashing from the explosion, went under the water.

One day my mother brought home a book by Ernst Muldasheva "from whom we come from?" The boy immediately picked it up and began to examine drawings, photographs, and then for two hours with unprecedented detail and talk about the history of adult Lemurian race.

And having seen the illustrations for another book E. Muldasheva — "In Search of the Gods" — said that under the pyramid of Cheops, which is so interested researchers, nothing. Ancient knowledge will be found under another pyramid, today there is an unknown. More Borja said that "life will change when they open the Sphinx." A cache inside the Sphinx is opened somewhere behind the ear.

Sometimes Boriska says a lot about the Mayan civilization. He asserts that modern humans are still very few people know about it.

Boris predicts that the Earth will be born more unusual children — such as it is, because big changes are coming. Our planet waiting for two more disaster, and only gifted children will be able to save the world.

These children come from Mars, that is, they fall to Earth as a result of implementation shower. More on Earth can be born children of Proserpine. This planet died millions of years ago — "it cut through the beam, and it broke into pieces." Residents of Proserpine had teleported into the fifth dimension. These events can be seen from Mars.

With Boriska interviewed by many researchers. They were amazed that the boy sometimes it is replete with terms and details known only to scholars and historians. In this case, some of the details related to the lost civilization, the same historians do not have a clue. Wherever student to know all this?

Margarita Trinity

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