Historian: Against Belarus and the Russian Federation is the third Russian war

In Vitebsk, 28 — 29 November accomplished international scientific conference "Russian War of 1812 in the historical destiny and cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia and Europe," dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the victory of in the Russian war of 1812.

The organizers of the conference were Vitebsk branch of the Belarusian University "International Institute" MITSO "Vitebsk diocesan administration of the Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Minsk city public organization" Russian Cultural Center "Rus".

Opened the conference with the director of the Institute "MITSO", Doctor of Historical Sciences, Dr. Benjamin Lohmach. Greeted the participants of the conference counselor of the Russian Embassy in Belarus — Managing Rossotrudnichestvo consulates in Belarus Viktor Malashenko, vice-rector for international and interregional relations of international Institute of Management named after the holy and righteous warriors of Fyodor Ushakov Archangel Mikhail Sobolev, Vitebsk historian Victor Atapin diocesan administration, co-chairman of the organizing committee Conference — Chairman of the Vitebsk "Russian Cultural Center" Russia "Igor Potapov.

In the program of the conference includes more than 50 reports, the makers are presented scientific and educational institutions of the Russian Federation and Belarus. The bureaucrats did not take part in the event. In the first day of the conference papers were presented, discussions were held on various nuances of the Russian perspective of the war in 1812. During the second day (29 November), summarizing the conference, participants from other cities and zabugornom proposed excursion in Vitebsk. By the beginning of the event was published a collection of the conference, which included copies of the reports of participants.

"It is necessary to emphasize that the relevant feature of the conference was a worthy rebuff attempts by some of the provocative historians Belarus Belarusian deprive people the right to consider the war against the French invaders Russian war," — said REGNUM correspondent Igor Potapov.

Speaking at a conference of Vitebsk Diocese historian Victor management Atapin drew attention to the distribution of publications in Belarus, in which is stated that not only the Russian war of 1812, and the majestic Russian war for Belarusians are not Russian. This fact, according to the views of the historian, says of the ongoing information war — "Third Russian war." Her purpose, beliefs Atapina, is to "kill, first in the memory of the new generations, and later on a physical level our homeland."

"One of the objectives of the conference was held defending historical truth against the new threat not only to slander, but, ultimately, kill the heroic history of our people," — identified Potapov.

Related statements of historical truth about the Russian temper the War of 1812 have been the subject of reports and speeches MP Sobolev "Fatherland like this for ages and immutable value of the Russian people," VI Karavkin "Patriotism as a factor of national identity in the Russian war of 1812," M.A.Chikindina "Was the war 1812 Russian? "E.A.Andreevoy" The War of 1812 in Belarus: Russian or civilian clothes, "etc.

Participants of the event were given the highest rating bolshennomu and informative reports MITSO Director, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Dr. Benjamin Kosmach. The scientists analyzed a large amount of sources XIX, XX and beginning of XXI century, gave a major characteristic of the circumstances and values of Russian war of 1812. Lohmach made a concrete conclusion: the actions in 1812 for the entire Russian empire and its western provinces — including territory of modern Belarus should be evaluated specifically as a "Russian war 1812 ".

"Napoleon in 1812 went to a foreign country as a conqueror, as the aggressor, counting only on the power of the bayonet, — said in a speech Lohmach. — Any party began the war with a kind of manifesto — an appeal to the army. Could say Napoleon? What explanation he could give them the war started? He had nothing to say, and he resorted to an almost magical formulas: "Rock pulls him Russia, and its fate should happen." Not flashy it that Emperor Alexander I — autocrat, unlimited lords empire fortress — contrasted these phrases devoid of real content of the call: "Warriors! You defend the faith, fatherland and freedom ".

"Big, unprecedented in scale since Napoleon's army, invaded the limits Distant from her country, was an army of violence, aggression and enslavement. It loomed like a dark cloud stern, ready to incinerate everything, kill everything. Rose to defend the land of their own people, and in represented by its own army, and in the face of farmers burning their huts and poor goodness, that got nothing to the enemy, and those who traveled to the guerrillas, and in the face of military leaders who led the heavy defense against superior forces of the conquerors — for everyone, for the whole of the Russian Federation this war was fair , folk, truly Russian war, "- said Lohmach.

As reported IA REGNUM, speaking on November 23, held in Minsk international scientific conference "The War of 1812, and Belarus", a number of historians from Belarus, Russia and Poland stated that the Russian war of 1812 is not for the Russian Belarusians. Previously, the official historiography was removed the term "Russian War of 1812", and the value of the 200-year anniversary in every way belittled. Only in late November, the Belarusian authorities without the help of others organized a conference in BSU, as the role of the French Embassy held activities in the area of the crossing of troops of Napoleon I of the Berezina. With all this the representatives of the official Minsk stressed ignored the term "Russian War of 1812", preferring the "War of 1812" and "action in 1812 in the Belarusian lands."

Note November 24 senior bureaucrats of Belarus took part in the festivities, with the laying of wreaths at the memorial sign Napoleonic soldiers and paying of military honors. According to representatives of the government of Belarus, the soldiers of Napoleon's army came to Belarus not on their own, and the memory of them is worthy of perpetuation. Commenting on the event on November 24, salting Belarus in France (until November 16, led by the Ministry of Culture of Belarus) Paul Latushko said, "These tragic actions unite Belarusians with France and the French people. symbolic use exactly this historic date for the realization that we need to build a common European home."

Earlier, on June 22 in Brest accomplished international conference "The Russian war of Holy Russia" dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Russian war 1812 years, and the role of the Orthodox Church in all defensive wars of the Russian civilization. The conference sent a proposal of the State Academy of Belarus to return to training programs from the concept of "Russian war 1812 of the year "- 26 July 2012 from the Institute of History of NAS of Belarus was answered in the negative, argumentative distorted interpretation of the views of Russian historians — member of the International Napoleonic Society. Institute of History of NAS of Belarus concluded that the introduction of the term" Russian War of 1812 "is unfounded in the official Belarusian historiography .

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