Historians to this day struggling with the question: which remained a victory in the battle of Borodino in 1812?

The logic provides a clue what kind of French — our then retreated. The strategy states that the French then so tired that their defeat was only a matter of time, and means victory for us. Experience has shown that they are wrong and others. Usually the winner is the one in whose possession left the battlefield. At the moment it goes to the people for whom history — an empty phrase. In fact, on the eve of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino on the site of bloody battles, build … Cottages and recreational facilities.

Dances on the bones

Heavy bulldozer belched exhaust, stuck his knife into the ground and moved forward. Dern fly off like shaving … Ordinary picture of the initial step of the construction site, is not it? But something was not right. For a bulldozer in the ground clearly show bone. And the sight was so impressive that even getting through the driver of a construction machine. He killed the engine and obviously did not believe her disgusted, bent over the remains.

"We are local explained to not so long ago, what's what. And it never occurred — well field and the field, which itself? — Was justified bulldozer Yuri. — We're not know where driving! We were brought here from under Volgograd, uttered build complex type with a pond and a stage, so we are building … "

The conversation took place in the area of field fortifications of the Russian army, which call SEMENOVSKAJa or Bagration flushes and about which the commander of the summary Grenadier Division of General Vorontsov later recalled: "The resistance of my people could not be long — they do not disappear from the field and on the field of battle." Here the same was mortally wounded Prince Bagration, then just buckshot General Tuchkova, the widow who, by the way, invented the recipe funeral of black bread, at the moment he had called — "Borodino". Incidentally, in the dog house builders, like a mockery of the situation, I saw roughly sliced loaf of the same name.

"Here general prohibited any sort was to build! — Outraged Igor Arzamas, chief of department of the Municipal monuments Borodino Military History Museum. — Besides, people do not realize what they are doing. Venture arrangement entertainment complex in the floodplain Semenovski stream — you need to have no head. This complex will fill every spring — knee-deep water! Yes, and almost captured the area in hectares. Neither the field of research, no excavation, no nothing here has not been … I do not blame the builders, with their demand really small. But the customer something than thought? "

And it is not clear — whether conceived general. All that is possible to find out from the workers is a name — first name and mobile phone chief. Phone, by the way, soon dead than alive. I have not managed to take an interest in a certain Nikolai Viktorovich not shameful to him to organize dances on the bones.
The episode of the Borodino battle. A.Yu.Averyanov 1993

Power or occupation?

"Surely, you think that we are preparing for bicentennial anniversary of the fight? — Ironically asks Misha Cherepashenets, director of Borodino Military History Museum. — And I say that if things continue to go on the circuit today, the anniversary will not be any. There will be problem. Of course, in a few years, all 11 hectares of Borodino hardly have time to build up. But the most valuable places already snapped up. It is 635 hectares of peasant holdings, which are currently the local inhabitants, sensing the proximity of funds quickly transferred from the "agricultural land" in a different status — villa-building. And it's not the end. Prior to the 2010 museum could restrain the pressure wanting to make a kebab with a view to the battery Rajewski. But since January, local authorities, in other words Borodino village council, have the right to distribute the plots will of its own. Here too we are powerless … "

Some local residents, in general, they decided to talk to the press, however, on the criteria of complete anonymity. "Yes, what are the builders? — A middle-aged man in the hearts began to knead his cap. — Bandits this! At the moment, the work was stopped, a fact. Press fear. But you leave, will be secured again guys on black tinted "Land Rover" — and all! In the nineties, and it was such mayhem. What in the nineties! When the Germans and that is not happening these outrages. Our goes, terrible invaders? And they chose the more important for the history of the objects — Semenovskye flushes Shevardinsky redoubt Valuevo, where the rate of Napoleon, place a breakthrough Cossack Ataman Platov "…

"I think that the locals in their own right — says Victor Bezotosniy, a senior researcher at the State Historical Museum. — The reserve is in limbo, and, in fact, it is dependent on the local authorities. I believe that the only museum should "use" field. In another our defeat will be complete. "

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