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Beginning of the eighteenth century. In Europe burns war the Spanish heritage. United Kingdom, with the defeat of the Spanish Empire finding might, then took a contender for hegemony — France. Across Europe, to cobble together a coalition military and unions interested in sharing of heritage defeated the empire of the parties. The scene of the play becomes a new Western and Central Europe, the most lively European predators and forgets about overseas appetizing snack — Colonies. And in the east in the shadow of all these excellent events that promise to change the course of world history, imperceptibly spread its wings young fledged two-headed eagle who decided to challenge the Mother of the Scandinavian wolf. In a long and stubborn struggle he, to the surprise of many, will be able to defeat a powerful enemy, then proudly will raise both their heads over northern Eurasia, surveying his vast possessions, which very soon there will be applicants who are ready to challenge these areas have a proud bird. Among them will be the Turkish Kite and polish Jackal, Fox and Persian … but all of their trial will end in failure, only further strengthen the position of Russian Sokol. After the death of the ruler Peter majesty eagle's head will start to deal among themselves, temporarily forgetting that they are part of one body. This is the time historians call the time of palace revolutions, when the struggle for power to postpone the second plan realistic goals and tasks facing the Russian Empire. This internal struggle and will continue to occur from time to time, sapping strength from within the country, but every time our homeland would overcome internal contradictions, to more clearly define its presence in the international geo-political firmament. By the end of the century Russian newfound power will be severely tested. Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most brilliant military leaders of his time, Russia decided to plunge to the ground, so that by his own statements, stepping over her dead body touch of French sword of the Ganges in order to raise a rebellion in India — the main and richest colony at that time the British Empire. Until now, historians argue about why Napoleon decided to knock on the Russian Federation, because it was not needed him for nothing, yet it was easier to go to India through friendly countries Near East and Persia than fighting their way through the cool Russian land. But the choice was made, and the Falcon again had to take to the skies for a deadly battle with a harsh opponent. The result of this superior combat 2-Titans — debunking the myth of the invincibility of Napoleon and his armies, the decline of the Napoleonic Empire, the deployment of Russian troops in Paris, the ascension to the status of the Russian empire hitherto unusual heights. Only just in order to encounter face to face with the enemy of those times unsafe — Britain, whose interests stretched almost around the world. Proud British Lion was not on the joke is concerned about the rapid increase in influence and prestige of the Russian Federation on the Eurasian continent. He witnessed that the Falcon can not win in open battle, so to undermine Russian power applied very different techniques — a set of measures to rocking the situation inside and along the borders of Russia. Our homeland, in turn, answered the same, although her response was wearing more defensive in nature. This confrontation, which lasted the whole of the nineteenth century and ended in 1907 due to the increase of Germany and the defeat of in the Russian-Japanese war, has been called "The Great Game." Invisible scramble great empires era prompted her contemporaries, the creation of many works, for example, is widely recognized novel "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling. At this time, a huge number of geopolitical theories, namely the theory of loop anaconda is "strangling" through the creation of the Russian Federation around the country, belligerent towards her. This theory has successfully survived to this day and is fundamental in American politics.

As the years passed, the fight raged around the perimeter of the Russian borders — Central Asia, the Middle East and the Balkans. Yet, in the end, did not result in a direct clash UK, France, Turkey and Sardinia on the one hand and RF other. Attitude to this short-lived war, we received the title of the Crimean War, valued in the historic environment. In the West, she's treated with tightness, in Russia believe the failure of all the royal policy. Our homeland in the end of 15 years has lost the right to build a fleet in the Black Sea. Also lost were minor area of Bessarabia, Kamchatka Allied forces were defeated by a handful of Russian militia to St. Petersburg Anglo-French squadron had not ventured to approach, firing from a distance fishing villages in Finland and in the same month of fighting breaking the resistance of the small garrison defending the Aland Islands . Taking into account the data of the event can be stated — in the Falcon's only just got out of a slingshot, the hurting his feelings. Remain unpunished is an insult not be. And most of the game continued with double zeal.

"We can ruthlessly avenge the UK if she would stand up for the Turks with a gun in his hand. For every Russian ship in the Baltic Sea from flax, hemp, tallow, wood flour, and we will seize and drown 10s British vessels of gold, opium and tea in the oceans, Chinese and Indian seas. In case of war, our homeland will suffer a lot, but not burst, will not surrender and will stand until the end, while the United Kingdom — where wealth and power are based on the industry, productivity and trade — will be ruined and will burst before us. We are poor — rich in Britain, as it should, the risk to her side, she will lose the war immeasurably more than us. "These are the words of Nikolai Ignatiev — Russian diplomat and a municipal worker, in 1877, the other day, another Russian-Turkish war. In the spirit of the expression Our homeland has built its foreign policy in effect the entire second half of the century. Eagle proudly floating in the clouds, keeping a vigilant eye over their mortal enemy. English Leo had to urgently find ways of acting to cut short his flight. They were found.

At the end of the century into the world's skies soars young, full of energy and ambition of Dark Eagle — German empire. His eyes focused first on the lion colonies and sharpening their claws for a quick assignment for himself is in full swing. The failure of the British, Russian and German Falcons relatives of each other, their interests do not intersect, and in what or even the same. Fear of the Union similar to the upcoming inspires intrigue, to whom the British — past masters. At first, there is a preparation of Japanese Samurai begins war in the Far East, which has a goal ahead of ousting Russian Empire from the Korean peninsula and northern China. Samurai aptly got an arrow in the eagle's wing, and on the ground it was not enough chance not to be torn to pieces Edged massive beak and claws. But just as the neck proud bird was thrown over the revolutionary stranglehold. In the end, the war was lost. Clouds are gathering in front of world war, and Russia was assured inexplicably take the side of a deadly enemy, promising Falcon impressive share of the total production. As a result, short-sightedness of government, our home was drawn into unnecessary war on it, Britain was triumphant. Two of its main geopolitical rival locked in mortal combat, and each of them, regardless of the outcome of the war, was ready to own a revolutionary loop. For the Russian Federation in handy as much as two. In addition, Leo managed to agree with the bears living in the area, the slave Falcon for help in organizing the chaos in the country. To Britain and its allies to
save face, it was necessary that some third force would have transferred authority over the defeated Russia to Western countries. This third force agreed to become the Bolsheviks. He Bear, helped finish off a wounded Falcon, now had to give for the coming pillage, and his kingdom … But then our "well-wishers" aggressively miscalculated. Bear, having acquired power not desired to go back to its lair. Moreover, with the passage of time it has become increasingly recall the behavior of the former ruler. Absolutely convinced of the futility involve the latest Russian Empire — Russian Alliance in the orbit of its own impact, the West in the face of the UK and retired behind her the United States began preparing the latest massacre, hoping to repeat the scenario of the First World War. Despite all efforts, the Soviet Union was only temporarily away from the collision. German Eagle, even more powerful than before, with the connivance of the United Kingdom and the United States attacked velikanskogo Bear and the land again splattered with blood 2-giants. In general, it is difficult not to see the parallels between Napoleon and Hitler's attacks on Russia. And in fact, and in another case it came in defiance of common sense. Both planned war with England, and both for this at the last moment to attack the Russian natural result. Hitler repeated the fate of Napoleon's army. Russian Alliance ground the depth in her own country as well, as once dispelled the Russian Empire of Napoleon's army. Russian Bear as Russian Eagle, finished the war in the enemy's stronghold.

History tends to repeat itself. Once again, after the execution of the same opponent on the horizon, a new, even more harsh opponent elects a very different strategy to fight. The only differences in the global confrontation. By the mid-60th years of XX century Russian alliance comes at the peak of its own geopolitical power. Decrepit English Leo passes the baton to the young and the strong South American Orlan. Cockpit cover whole world. Experiencing fear of the military might of each other, bear and eagle are small wars in the Third World states with a view to their submission to his will, so that after the use in the ideological struggle. This confrontation, the name which cool the war, in fact, was a continuation of an old big game. But the stakes there were much higher. Favorite was able to build its own system of control over most of the globe. Unfortunately, brilliantly won the first step of the fight, Bear was in one of the traps arranged around it, having missed the time and place of its installation. Understanding of falling into the trap came very late, the enemy made its own course, and made it perfect. The bear has long hooks, shaking the ground in pain, getting into all new traps. Suffered grievously, he said, but managed to survive, and now must hide in the den, licking his wounds and gathering strength for their own return. But the world has become without the other, America as Beloglavogo Orlan has spread its wings over the world and kept a sharp look, so as not to miss the emergence of a new rival unsafe. Will they again become powerful in the past Bear, time will tell …

The current Russian society is divided on many issues. One of them concerns the case for Russian empire and the Russian Union. By imperial overall. Some like the term, others were not. First, in turn, are divided into those who extols the USSR and the Russian royal mucky waters, or on the contrary. But we should keep in mind that both of these forms have been a part of the municipal 1st whole — the historical Russia. This is actually a two peaks Russian geopolitical power of the country. And both of these forms if you do not deserve love, or at least respect. After all, the Empire and the Alliance were built by our forefathers, specifically they defended and praised their homeland, specifically because of them our country is firmly occupied a worthy place in the history of the world. Instead of opposition, the Alliance and the Empire must be connected voedinyzhdy, combining all the best and positive that they were, and the introduction of this into our true can not change the current situation the most brilliant of. And I would like, that once Bear, gain strength, recovered from a prolonged slumber, came out of the den, and on his shoulder sat a mighty two-headed Eagle, keenly looking forward to the future. Together they are able to adequately respond to the future challenges of historical!

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