Historical heresy Poland

In Poland rose another wave of struggle for the "right" interpretation of the history of its relations with Russia. This time the discontent caused by the denial of Poles Russian scientists recognize an understated figure killed in 1919-1921 in the Polish Red Army camps. This is done with one goal — to reduce the number of victims, that killed at Katyn 20 years later, the Poles would have been greater. And here you can claim compensation. And for some achieve their goals Polish media are not above lying and outright fraud.

Immediately two leading Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and Rzeczpospolita located on its own bands material on the scientific conference on the events of the Polish-Soviet War of 1920 in Warsaw. In it, among other, was the most prominent Russian special on this dilemma head. Department of History of the Southern and Western Slavs History Faculty of Moscow State University, a member of the Russian-Polish intergovernmental commission on difficult issues stories Gennady Matveyev. What he read, has caused anger and attack the Polish newspaper reporters, and some Polish historians.

"It was a very easy thing — to beat the prisoners (Red Army soldiers in Polish camps. — Ed.). Their robbed, were fierce appeal, were killed. Soldier of the Red Army have taken away all the time … We have a lot of repenting for Katyn. Yeah, and Poland to repent for that lawlessness, contrary to all probability of making human rights norms. Why is it so hard, why do not pronounce the word 'sorry'? " — Asked a question Matveev their Polish employees.

Gazeta Wyborcza started arguing with Russian scientists, using as a commentator on Polish historian Zbigniew carp. Publication of the truth as presented in the last instance the view that in the Polish camps in 1919-1921 killed at least 17 thousand Red Army soldiers. Well, those in the main moved to another world not because of the fierce appeal of the Poles, and of typhoid, cholera and other diseases. This figure killed about 5 thousand less than the number killed in the framework of the "Katyn massacre" of the Poles in 1940.

But if Gazeta Wyborcza least complied standards of decency and fell to abuse and fraud, then famous for its constructive anti-Russian newspaper Rzeczpospolita publications began linking Russian scientist (by the way, has a municipal contribution of Poland) with mucky before he spoke at the conference. The publication went on forgery and tried to convict Matveeva in the printing took place in terms of the change, which was not in sight. As a professional was, namely, held the same carp.

"In 2004, we afar with the Russians volume book" Red Army soldiers in Polish captivity in 1919-1922. Collection of documents and materials. "Based on the analysis of thousands of documents both sides agreed on the fact that the Polish prisoners were killed less than 16-18 thousand prisoners Bolsheviks. Suddenly, at the moment the doctor Matveev has argued that killed more than 28 thousand prisoners of war", — quotes Rzeczpospolita words carp.

And then Russian scientist accused of it, they say, the voice of the Russian state propaganda. "This is an unusual way coincides with the actions of Russian propaganda that tries to counter this topic Bolsheviks who died in captivity Katyn atrocity. He cites numbers — 28 thousand prisoners — a few more than the number of victims of the Katyn crime. This looks suspiciously. My fear is that the doctor could Matveev succumb to the pressure of the Kremlin. If this is true, it calls into question its scientific integrity "- led Rzeczpospolita words of the historian Wojciech Roshkovskogo.

"The debate around the topic of prisoners Bolsheviks began in 1990, when the Soviet Union admitted its responsibility for the Katyn sin. Mikhail Gorbachev instructed to find in the history of Polish-Russian or Polish-Soviet relations incident that would have compromised the Poles. Initially conceived for this purpose to use an episode of the burning of the Poles Moscow's first XVII century, but in the end decided that it was very davneshnee event. then planted Kremlin Russian historians deal dead prisoners of war in 1920. Since then, Russian leaders at the word "Katyn" automatic commemorated the fate of Red Army "- clarified the nature of the publication to readers case.

Heresy, fraud … Reporter "PRAVDA.Ru 'many years he studied with Dr. Matveeva and not once asked him a question about the losses of the Red Army in the war. And he never (!) Did not express agreement with the figure of 16-17 thousand. And in the magazine "new girl and a new story" (№ 3, 2006) Russian scientist entered into a dispute with a view Zbigniew Karpus, as quoted by the leading Polish newspaper presented as the truth in the last instance.

"Karpus found that" at the time of the cessation of hostilities on the eastern front in the area of Poland, there were about 110 thousand Bolshevik prisoners. "Without a doubt, the data Z. Carpio underestimated, it is very significant. Available in real time reliable sources suggest that captured by the Poles during the war, has got more than 157 thousand Red Army soldiers, "- wrote Matveev. He drew attention to the fact that Polish employee actually blindly believe summaries of the Polish General Staff for the 1918-1920 years, and not a lot of checks with other documents.

A figure of 28 thousand Matveev pointed to the pages of the book "The white spots — dark spots: complex issues in Russian-Polish relations," which was released year reversed. The article says (and I quote verbatim, p. 43. — VT): "It is possible to set about what could die between 25 to 28 thousand people, in other words, about 18 percent actually caught in the thrall of the Red Army." A previously said that only in the camps and Strzalkowo Tuchola 11.5 thousand people were killed. It turns out that Russian scientist's own point of view has not changed, and by 16-17 thousand disagreed — despite assurances by the Rzeczpospolita newspaper and historian carp.

And now — about the "humanity" of the Polish authorities to the prisoners. Let us turn to the collection of documents, "The soldiers in Polish captivity in the years 1919-1922", published by the efforts of historians 2-states in 2005. Here are a few excerpts:

"December 6, 1919 Assistant on POWs Z. Panovich, after a visit to the camp in Strzalkowo, reports Minvoendel in Poland:" We saw the barracks filled with water, the roof leaked, so that to avoid misfortune sometimes need bailing buckets. The general lack of clothes, some clothes and blankets, and worse of all — shoes. I do not even have captured the wood-soled shoes, they stroll barefoot, dressed in rags, trimmed with laces, so as not broke … The food is prepared only once a day. "(P. 110).

"In June 1919, the captain of the Medical Service Dr. Ignacio Kopystinsky Minvoendel reported in Poland about the epidemic of typhus in Strzalkowo and that the Bolshevik barracks for the prisoners" did not even have a bunk to sleep … Proceed with the general lack of clothes "(p. 115)." In the POW camp Strzalkowo instead of horses forced to carry their own excrement. They taskalii plows and harrows. "(P. 558)

"If a broken moan or asked for mercy, then. Malinowski took out a gun and has targeted … if you watch the prisoners were shot, then. Malinowski gave credit for three cigarettes and 25 Polish brands … not once could be seen … A team led by then. Malinowski climb on machine-gun towers, and from there fired on the defenseless people. " (P. 655).

In addition, there is still an explanatory letter to Colonel Ignacy Matuszewski the office
of Minister of War in Poland, in which it is reported that only by February 1921 in one Tuchola killed 22 thousand Red Army prisoners. But there were still in the camp Strzalkowo, Scheperno, Birch-Kartusskaya.

And that's not all. Apart from the Red Army in Polish prisoner fell and Whites. In February 1920, a fate understood 23000th Whiteguard grouping General Nikolai Bredow. They were sitting in the same camp as the reddish. Many of them were killed.

In the State Archives of the Russian Federation (SARF) survived past Tuchola memoirs of Lieutenant Kalikin. "About Tuchola knows no fear, but the reality has eclipsed all expectations. Imagine a sandy plain near the river, fenced rows Stitching wire, which are located inside the dilapidated huts … Not far from the main gate — huts made of corrugated iron … When they walk past NIGHT MODE, you hear a weird … sound, as if someone was weeping quietly. days of sun in the barracks unbearably hot, Night — cold … "

The question of the White Guards — separate, and for the fierce appeal to them to present Poland, the Russian Federation can claim the same as they were in fierce appeal with the Red Army. Documents completely break the Polish version of that fierce proclamation of prisoners was not. A total number of brutally tortured in Polish camps Russian least comparable to the number of people shot in the "Katyn massacre" of the Poles. In many Polish archives, which are associated with the era of the case, access to hitherto closed.

Prerequisites Polish hysteria over disagreement Dr. Matveev figure of 16-17 thousand are not in the plane of history. Some Polish politicians (including the last Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski) they say that they want to claim compensation from the Russian Federation for Katyn to 22 billion dollars. How will you require it, if the Poles themselves committed atrocities against Russian? In addition, they destroyed them more than the Poles in 1940? Here in Poland and justify that the Red Army died less, and they died not because of the fierce appeal, but because of epidemics.

Surveys Russian historians hamper Poland to reach their goals. And some local historians and newspapers did not even go to the smuschyayutsya frank forgery, issuing want for real. But such enthusiasm for the historic conference 2-leading publications suggests that a member of the EU and NATO, Poland wants to go through and is ready to raise above mentioned organizations on their side. How annoying would it sounds, in Russia the authorities' attention to this dilemma is much lower.

Meanwhile, the cost issue — a minimum of 22 billion dollars. Apart from the fact that just like little justification for Poland, from a historical point of view, the claims may submit the Baltic states, Romania, Finland … and further down the list.

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