Historical heresy

"The monstrous heresy, the faster it believes the public" — adored, read the Third Reich propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Nazi Germany had succeeded in rewriting history, but we clearly remember how it ended. Or all the same there?

At the current time there is a bad tendency to a fundamental revision of past events that is not only long, and actually nedavneshnih that occurred in the twentieth century. It's no secret that in the past history being corrected, but so unceremoniously, as at the moment, it is not treated. The latter-day chroniclers almost misinterpret facts, despite the fact that the witnesses are still alive. In general, each person has a certain true and the vision of the past days. Can we then talk about the general science such as history?

"Who has the information — that has the world" — according to legend, this is now a big-name aphorism for the first time sounded from the lips of Nathan Rothschild. He said this after he and his brother Jacob swindled his own rivals and rich exchange for 40 million pounds, the amount of two hundred years back immeasurably greater than it is now. Assist them in this Tipo pigeons from which the Rothschilds all previously learned about the failure of Napoleon at Waterloo. Using the information, they had a light, but very profitable scam.

So it is either wrong, but in a phrase attributed to Rothschild (someone thinks her for the first time expressed Churchill, and someone — Francis Bacon) is certainly lies deeper meaning. Who has the impartial information, he is able to correct analysis of the real and creative future. That's just not always easy to figure out what is true and what is heresy. The large flow of various disk imaging is able to knock down even those who would seem to have the brains, so getting around.

Unanswered Questions

What is a prerequisite for the falsification of history? In 1-x, the change of government, in-2, the change of socio-political system (where the story starts to cut a larger scale), and in-3, the occupation of a foreign power in the country (usually in these cases the defeated announce or that they have always been part of the State of the winner, or have always wanted to become one.)

From time to time, the history books do not rewrite the country by a small internal needs, but simply did not they say in them the whole truth. For example, in Russian Union for a long time did not advertise fact mass repressions under Stalin, although they all knew about. Of course, the authorities believed that the communist regime is eternal, and the Municipal sins will be forgotten with the passage of time.

Because it is to understand the history of their own country, if every piece of meanings and requests of documentary evidence and records as before firmly hidden from curious eyes? Which of the revised and proven stories will be accepted in modern society is undeniable? And there really impartial perception out there where the interests of entire peoples who fell under the influence of political propaganda in their own country?

Some people believe that we need to know the truth or otherwise of the fact that around for decades lined bastions of legends and legends. Their arguments are ordinary and clear: having understood in the past, we will be able to avoid mistakes in the future. Other beating anxiety, because the ugly truth can sometimes deprive the people of his past. Dispelling legends — the destruction of standards and means undermining the foundations of the country, and this is also hard to disagree.

Abdication of Emperor Nicholas II from power — is the voluntary act of the king or the error of his entourage? How to find what happened in October 1917 — Lofty October Socialist Revolution or municipal coup? Who says Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) — a humanist who wanted their own people liberty, equality and fraternity, or the offender, who organized on the German funds beleaguered Russian Federation coup? What actions have been dictated by the Soviet Union at the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? Nikita Khrushchev — debunker cult of personality or power-hungry tyrant? From what started the collapse of the Russian Union — from the economic crisis or the moral degradation?

Now the question is indeed more questions than answers. After all, for what ever zaniem stories is a man with his feelings, his view of the world and their interests.

A lot of questions, and each, in response to them, will be in its own right. But does the idea of a specific person is not it?

We sparkling Japanese writer Ryunosuke Akutagawa short story is "In the most" and "Rashomon Gate", on the grounds that the director shot the movie Akira Kurosawa. Their heroes are trying to sort out what were eyewitnesses. But they all depict the incident as if it is about a very different events.

Four characters — four non-overlapping terms. And the writer and the director are convinced that no matter what the current situation can be perceived and described in different ways. And it all depends on the personality of the witness. Though any actual event, if you look at it from different angles, confirms the multiplicity of options impartial reality, which in this case is almost possible count impartial.

Sworn Brothers …

Unfortunately, a rather convincing evidence that either another fact often is not enough, or hide them for some reason. This is fertile ground for speculation and the emergence of various "revelations." Often these promises come from the political leaders of the former Soviet republics of the USSR. And often it becomes inventory justify their own mistakes, failures and setbacks. After all, the easiest to write off all the evil uncle. Here are homegrown academics needful new customer legends that are restructuring the course of our history. They do not need no truth, nor true the fact.

It is clear that in the assessment of what is happening now and in the discussion of the modern history of facing polar positions. Zabugornye biased policies try to accuse Russia to expose it to the light of neluchshem in the international arena and to push their own interests in life. In general, the bias in the presentation of the material is characteristic of our historians.

Many historians are now working for the sake of political clans, some of them consciously, others with unwavering certainty that in fact working for the good of truth. After all, according to modern psychology, there is nothing per se, what it would be impossible to convince himself. And if a person believes in something, his subsequent goal — to convince others in this. Methods of manipulation and falsification of evidence of a huge number.

This is a direct misrepresentation and falsification of documents, and chaining reasoning, in which deliberately omitted the individual links. If we compare the textbooks for secondary and higher education in the adjoining states, it may seem that we are talking about in their very different events, the present value of which is lurking behind lock and key. This leads us to fluctuations relate to events long past — who knows how many times and under whose watchful eye they deliberately distorted in the process of writing?

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