Historical ideas to break up the Russian Federation on the basis of foreign funding

The feudal fragmentation in Russia, the crisis of the patchwork of dividing the country in 1918-1920 — all of this became an occasion for foreign countries, as they say, and take part in the forthcoming division of the huge pie under the title Our homeland. But even after such ordeals Our homeland has found within himself the strength to scurry to become a single state. But thought All-Russian unity was dominant in the minds of far not all of our fellow citizens. At a certain circle of people thought appeared in its sole discretion to dispose of tremendous Russian countryside, and even the subjugation of one or another piece of heavy territorial.

A similar dramatic episodes in the history of our country is the emergence in the 50th century before last year of so-called Siberian regionalism, an idea proposed to the Russian scientist and traveler Grigory Potanin. In his view, Siberian regions were to be separated from the rest of the Russian Federation, as the capital of Siberia considered only as something negative that can play a role only in the epididymis which is suitable for exiles and convicts. These thoughts for the first time came to a head Grigory Potanin even during his training at the St. Petersburg Institute of the active influence on his thinking populism. It would seem that Potanin was only on behalf of the people of the Siberian and guided by a single purpose — to release Siberia from feudal oppression and make it the first Russian republic. But it was too were constructive techniques that are going to use N. Gregory.

The fundamental basis of the existence of new Siberian Free State, namely a title and proposed for the new country Potanin, he chose the almost complete exclusion of everything to Siberia the case had not. When cover civilization, only the Siberians, if fiscal policy, then the full autonomy of the management of funds of the new center, which was intended to be the Tomsk.

For obvious reasons, the realization of the project is so fundamental, besides the criteria of absolute monarchy, could not pass without outside help. Well, this very OUTDOOR assistance "from nowhere" does not seem like she could, and therefore the person preparing enable it features the rulers of Siberia, decided to ask for the money and not only monetary support to the United States. In this regard, it is exciting submitted letters sovereign Potanin South American financiers and simultaneously attempt to enlist the support of the South American ambassador. In letters proclaimed the basic idea of mutually beneficial for Potanin and the U.S. co-operation: you (the United States) for helping us with the organization of a series of violent uprisings to the Siberian Branch of the Russian Empire, Siberia, and we are for what we give you for, nothing less than, Kolyma region together with most of Yakutia.

Naturally, such a proposal could not go unnoticed by South American "partners". Assist with the separation of Siberia from the Russian Empire in the United States wanted so that plans can begin to embody even before they'd have outlined Grigory Potanin. This once again proves that the South American desire for incarnation of the old "divide and conquer" is not only far away now, and this has drawn no weaving years. Well, what the situation is with attempts to branch Siberia with monetary support marches and riots nor striking example the possibility of using the "orange" scheme before last century. Painfully, the whole system resembles what is now generally called the support of the opposition movements in those or other countries. An analogy can be seen quite clearly. Well, in the modern opposition, as in Gregory Potanin, there is a desire for the use of zabugornyh means to solve their own problems. However, if Potanin South American promise "sponsors" of his own project of this generous compensation, which is said above, that after all, it is curious promise of assistance from overseas opposition today's spill. Neuzh Yakutia that too? ..

But Grigory Potanin dreams of smashing the Russian Federation and forge an extremely truncated after the Yankees gift Siberia and not fate was realized.

In 1-x, thundered epochal reforms of Alexander II, which led to the emergence of new legal codes and, most importantly, to the abolition of serfdom, which (slavery) in the United States at that time had continued to exist (oh, those 60 years — Americans always lag behind the Russian Federation: that slavery would be late, then with the cosmos …)

In-2, power and intelligence agencies since the least were set to dialogue with the opposition, and therefore sovereign Potanin was arrested in 1865 and spent two years in the Omsk prison. In 1868, Gregory N. subjected civilian executions and sent to Suomenlinna, and later in Nikolsk that in Vologda. In 1874, Potanin was amnestied, apparently realizing that his idea with the separation of Siberia and the U.S. for what was a common foolishness of the young man at the time (born Potanin in 1835). Yes, we must admit, myself Potanin after corrective "his release" is no longer wanted anything to separate and found a worthy cause for an educated person.

During his long life Potanin made a lot of expeditions and discoveries, for which his name is still mainly associated with the utility of the service of the motherland, and not with the adventure, which were dealt with in the article.

But thought Grigory Potanin independent of Siberia still was brought to life during the war in the Russian mufti of. In 1918 he appeared on the world map to a territorial entity that had a lot of titles, but one stood out — Siberian republic. There was the local government act, which elected their own work for the city of Omsk. Almost Siberia became independent state, but Russian authorities promptly enough Siberians could recall that their future — as part of a Russian country.

Of course, remembering the sesquicentennial offers-old South American politics and now being expressed in that spirit that Siberia could separate from Russia. Certainly, such a sweet cake with a lot of wealth at hand zabugornyh dreamers will actually stretch reflex. It is interesting how things are there now with the correspondence of today acceptors zabugornoy help with their direct financial donors …

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