History as an indicator of psychological health

At first glance it may seem paradoxical idea that everyone now surviving inhabitant of the Earth chooses his life story, his own ethnic group, their own people by himself. And so is the expression, the conductor and, sometimes, the patron not only of personal hopes and aspirations, and a lot of people, both living and extinct from the world of waking.

Considering each person and at least some people at such angles, you can not just understand, and precalculation of some nuances of their future. Both personally and in the public plan.

Of course, personal awareness of history is influenced by the environment, and the amount of knowledge about the outside world, and education. But the most important choice is inside each person, often unconsciously, under the pressure of many reasons.

Make out a modern, prevalent, modern Western science look at the history of the people of Russia.

As is well known from Western sources, the usual Russian lives at Upland, on which, apparently, he develops a set of advantages over other peoples inhabiting the lowlands naive, ditches, ravines, swamps, estuaries, and sometimes flooded, and priokeanskoy coastal areas.

Russian lives, in the main, to the deaf and blind northern forests, along with wild boars, elks and bears, preferring, for many years of observations pluralistic Western science and free democratic press, bears, which apparently winters in one den.

It feeds Russian, on assurances from anyone not affiliated human rights defenders, indigenous yes cones. And it would have long since died out, though, concerned neuvvyazkami underdeveloped nations, dignified and powerful freedom-loving West is not feeding him constantly fresh-frozen corpses of birds and animals that died under the supervision of mandatory and ubiquitous animal rights, human, natural and pretty civilized death.

Why did the Russian undemocratic build the town, and not live in trees, Western scientists have not yet come to the same views. Maybe it is simply the northern savages want to show the West that they are no worse than civilized peoples. This primitive totalitarian Russian cunning developed democratic Western nations failed to make ever.

But Russia's tyrannical stubbornly build.

So, in order to cynically pohohotat over enlightened western neighbors, they were ruthlessly lined up for a few more centuries before the emergence of the first of civilized European cities such as Paris, Berlin, London, are undemocratic and totalitarian fruit feral Russian imagination as Kiev, majestic Novgorod, Moscow and " Golden Ring. "

In the towns of the Russian deal, according to the observations of the democratic West, the yearly gathering of military militia for the war is not clear with whom and military parades. It is not clear who each century is also trying to arrange your own military parade on Red Square in front of the main Moscow Kremlin. But, having received "by Tinsel" (not once experienced Western military investigators Russian action impairs the ability to understand who think and read) and the losing army in the middle of deep forests and boundless fields to Red Square just can not reach.

Or reach, but only in this case, when the capital of the Russian Federation is temporarily located elsewhere, for example, in St. Petersburg. That, in general, does not release it is not clear whom the mandatory and repeated receipt then not only "on the tinsel", and in other democratic place.

That's not a good orientation in feral Russian forests for centuries ruthlessly ruining the clear whom.

The main tool for the construction of non-democratic Russian cities — it Russian ax. An ancient set of simple tools, ax enjoys extraordinary popularity in Russian. And he even praised in their proverbs and sayings that have hitherto use Russian, apparently quite unaware of the existence of written language and the Web.

The most famous Russian sayings and proverbs:
"What is written with a pen, do not cut down with an ax"
"Axe handle of the ax falls far"
"Who's to us with an ax in the hands come, the one with the ax in …. (Illegible note of Western scholars) will go, "
"It flies and floats like an ax"
"Clumsy work."

According to the observations of Western science, the primitiveness of the Russian mind especially visible when attempting to cut down the writing pen, after all, not including Russian, are well aware that the writing is best to burn.

The Vatican will not lie.

Also surprising Western enlightened society the ability to Russian axes fly, swim and run. Apparently, Western researchers still do not understand something about the Russian ax.

But there is hope, that at a meeting with him certainly all usvoyut.

In particular, during the next sample is not clear who go through the feral Russian forests and fields to the capital's Red Square.

By the way, which was adopted in the West for ordinary Russian title of "barbarians" in a democratic and pluralistic passed to them from the Russian by the name of early civilized Europeans, democratically destroyed tyrannical Roman Empire, and have taken most of her best.

Wealth, characters, traditions, technical and scientific services, calendar, alphabet, language, and religious law. Therefore, it would be nicer to name just a Russian savages.

So as not to be confused with the modern civilized Western barbarians.

Genetic commitment to dangerous occupant izymatelstvam over the civilized nations appeared in Russian, after they were subjected to the capture of the feral and illiterate troops Golden Horde. This event happened about a thousand years ago.

… As you know, very, very feral, and very uncivilized, Genghis Khan gathered all Tatar, Kazakh steppes zavolzhskiye and feral and illiterate nomads. And in an empty Tartar Steppe, alone, has prepared an army of them at least 100 thousand heavily armed horsemen.

Apparently, he used a long-term supplies cluster of Scythian-Sarmatian weapons and food, which were in a matter of five or six miles to the west tyschah in Russian forests and fields.

It's almost there, if, guided by the compass or the sun, moon, and stars, as if to cross the shallow Tatar deserts, snow-covered mountain passes to overcome the Altai, virtually waterless desert steppes of Kazakhstan today and the black sands of the Karakum desert. Later can only cross the Volga boundless and look at the Deaf endless forests of feral Scythians with their specially abandoned army warehouses for several hundred thousand soldiers.

In general, a piece of cake for hereditary nomad steppe peoples who do not have any education.

In particular, when there before him have already visited the Teutons, proving that there is nothing there, and have never been.

Nomadic Mongols Genghis Khan, apparently, was so pleased to serve in his army, they are just and forever cast their camps, housing, and women with children, condemning those on the long and painful death in the semi-desert of hunger. Samples of many military leaders to repeat similar to the nomads in other regions of the eternal dwelling upon the successful experience of Genghis Khan in the world so far not led to any sane results.

Which, of course, definitely shows on the magic power of will and temper of the old Tatar leader.

Mongols, for the first time learned about Genghis Khan, from the ordinary Russian first of the twentieth century, and now amazed at how fail in the ancient land of Tartar nomads. Until now, the population did not recover. Apparently, not on the conditions of life on the steppes, but from the fact that the Russian set up all sorts of towns and schools, and forced the Mongols to learn. And even accounted for their alphabet.

Because the Mongols hitherto poorly breed and write in Cyrillic.
And their interjections sound like Russian swear words masculine.
And it is not recommended to utter the Mongols "oh-oh-oh."

During the study, the history of the Golden Horde from a huge surprise, and often repeating the above interjections from the Tatar population of literate eyes widened so that for some time remained completely round. And so the Chinese did not draw portraits of the Mongols, as they constantly did in the days of Genghis Khan.

The only surviving portraits of Genghis Khan, written in ancient Chinese painters, very well pass it acceptable Mongoloid appearance. About as well as they usually perfectly capture the Mongoloid type of Sviatoslav Monomakh, Ivan the Terrible, Lenin, Stalin, Tukhachevsky, Roosevelt, Churchill and many others, including the average Russian guy from the Ryazan Higher Airborne School or African-American president. But now the Mongols are aware that they belong to the ancient people of the Earth, Tatar left their footprints across Europe.

These tracks are not so small that they just cry and do not turn up traces of the Mongol-Tatars in Africa and a brand new light. The possibility of finding similar tracks is 50 percent. That, basically, is quite enough for the modern Western science.

… In general, Genghis Khan went on a barbaric Russia. But not count deceit large areas of Russia, and died on the way, and before reaching its cities. But all the way to Russia with the fighting in Central Asia had to overcome in just one year. What is so far unmatched record for at least some wandering army of the old world.

Alexander the Great and Attila would not give the lie.

And so it's Genghis Khan went on one of his grandchildren. Capturing the fire and sword, more precisely, the curve of the Scythian sword, about such as a sword, which until now has among the Cossacks, all feral Russian town and village. Which, as just noticed Miller with Schlozer have been built in one moment and in large numbers just before the arrival of the nomads. Apparently, the Russian in a hurry for the coming of the Horde.

Does not meet the same guests, albeit uninvited, in the middle of feral forest.

… In the end, Russia was invaded and ravaged. So much so that to this day traces everywhere preserved. Battled the Mongol-Tatars, at the same time (apparently, so do not wander twice), and a peaceful civilized Europe.

Paintings and icons splints and more than of early thirteenth centuries perfectly capture what is happening from the witnesses themselves.

The highest and broad-shouldered blond and blue-eyed Mongol-Tatars with straight noses, with crosses and crescents on their caps with ear-flaps and banners, in the County, belted sashes, precipitated European castles and led away into captivity malehankih bowlegged civilized Western people dressed exactly like and the Mongol-Tatars.

On the surrounding hills on the fortress walls, behind which are shown church with crosses and crescents, is a massive artillery fire as arquebuses and unicorns, which appeared only in three or four centuries. Commanded the siege of the Mongol-Tatar with a round face and a European blue eyes. He is wearing a royal crown odezhki and the Old Kingdom to the head, in the form of a flower-mnogolistnika. The Crown also topped the cross and the crescent. Similarly, such that to this day preserved in most Russian churches of old times, and that the modern church can not explain. In collaboration with academics in history.

In short, the usual savage Mongol invasion.

In general, do your thing the Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan Baty (in Russian parlance Dad), as it became clear from Miller and Schlozer, tricky and despicable walked in the lower reaches of the Volga, in the desert steppe and hungry, and pitched a tent where ulus.

Apparently, the rich and hearty town and the land it had majestic rejection. And so he lived and contained a tremendous army where it was hungrier and deserted. And, judging by the sources, the existence of not so distant Kara-Kum desert, which has combined with his grandfather crossed twice before, he just did not know.

From that behavior majestic conquerors not only in modern Mongolian eyes widely open and crawl on his forehead in surprise, and that of ordinary Russian. Why Chinese painters are intact for centuries does not vouchsafed to continue to draw their portraits. Is that Lenin or Stalin, with fatherly Stealther squint in the eyes, which Chinese painters perceived as a purely Chinese.

Huge eyes lead the Chinese misleading, because both Russian and Mongols begin in this case, they just seem to twins. And every self-respecting Chinese painter never be replicated copies.

The Chinese are exclusively confirm this.

Only the modern Russian Academy of academics and artfully Mongoloid blink. Since they are well aware of the history, and have U.S. citizenship. Implying the uninitiated about the mental Advantages of modern Russian academics over at least some ancient history, half the size of its own growth. On the right proportions of a standard human body, computed by Leonardo da Vinci.

It is … during the occupation of the Mongol-Tatars and feral undeveloped Golden Horde seems tricky mocking Russian, invented and introduced a centralized system of state horse-mail service between the hated her, destroyed and burnt, Russian towns.
With a focus in the burned and destroyed utterly Moscow.

Apparently, that divert suspicion from himself to the occupation. What an extraordinary foresight! Indeed, the emergence of human rights and international military tribunals in the distant future, which is now visible personally quite near real in those days had not even thought of.

But historians majestic Miller and Schlozer fool failed.

They have proved impressively that all the machinations of feral nomads who did not have any crafts, nor letters, nor the formation of a simple, no calendar, no equity, no cities, and spoke a different language incredible consistency, so called the surzhik. Even the labels on reigning in the Russian lands had to write and sign by the Russian in the language, which the Mongols do not understand. Over a thousand years should be able to understand, but for some reason do not understand to this day.

Paranormal historical mystery.
Oh, so wild and difficult Russian language.

Horse Station, organized by the Horde and tricky referred wells were placed on the main trade routes and collection of tribute and the Horde did not actually come in contact with the location of the Golden Horde, converging in the main, to Moscow, and not to the lower Volga region. Pretty to look at the modern map of highways, which are actually quite repeat the configuration of old paths, entirely dependent on the terrain and the huge amount of aqua-bottlenecking.

The station, called pits, were along the paths at distances 1st day moving apart, possessed an inn, hotel, restaurant (terrible Mongol-Tatar names!), Stables, and numbered up to four hundred horses either. Specially prepared sled, called coachmen (acceptable in Tartar!), Round the clock transport of goods and passengers, obeying the Russian Tsar (dastardly Mongol-Tatars and
then covered their tracks tricky!).

This, quite feral from the standpoint of civilized nations, the system lasted until the late nineteenth century. In civilized Europe to such barbarism just could not think of! They were sitting in their homes democratic expected invention of the first French and British steam locomotive.
It is worth to mention the crushing burden of tribute to the Horde that formed the whole tithe. In other words, one-tenth part of the yearly income. Just Straseni! On similar taxes civilized Europe has not even heard of.

Is that at the time of the Horde.

Just do not remember that.

Cunning of the Mongol-Tatars also lay in the fact that, as age-old pagans, they fully supported the Russian Orthodox Church, one hundred percent of freeing it from all kinds of taxes and duties. Construction of Orthodox monasteries, free from all taxes, conducted specifically during the Mongol-Tatar yoke.

It even modern academics confirm.

After such abuse fallen ill Golden Horde Russian perfidy. Now, wherever they came, they always and everywhere built.

Infrastructure of roads and bridges.
Factories and mills.
Mines and mine.
Schools and cultural centers.
Those seem to be trying to avenge a century Mongol-Tatars.

In general, personally Mongols Russia retaliated in the twentieth century, in full, by teaching them to read and write, and they created a national army and even the government. And with the Tatars formed a single people. Which, of course, only increases the Russian perfidy. That's just where were the Mongols and their successors from the territory of the Volga region, Western science can not yet explain. This is a rare genetic phenomenon, the likes of which history and genetics did not know. Maybe this is the impact of Russian-Tatar duplicity.

Genetics also are silent about it.

Vividly Russian perfidy evolved during the years of the Red Empire. Not a lot of what the Russian occupiers everywhere, wherever came and built the water, sewer and gas pipelines, hospitals, schools, residential areas, institutions, and the creation of the mining industry. They are the most frightening thing, forced local residents to learn civilized and work on plants built!

The true sadists and barbarians.

This is a bright and impressive can tell, for example, more affected by the Russian occupation of the Baltic nations, which up to now have not recovered from the Russian ruthlessness and cunning. And are required to state an intolerable sense of humiliation use of the town, ports, roads and infrastructure, tricky and lined up for their despicable Russian.

That's majestic Russian perfidy humiliates small nations.

On of the Red Empire and the other, more exciting, the pages of Russian history can actually meditate unceasingly. Thanks to the great historical works compiled the best of Western scholars. And we are still in the forthcoming us think about these issues.

Around the same set forth above, can be given until the subsequent short conclusion.

Global historical Western science, of course, the greatest logical sequence is different, but when confronted with the history of the peoples of the Russian Federation, entangled in their own observations that many generations of Western historians simply lose the last bit of common sense.
Maybe, in the sense of something wrong? ..

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