History icebreakers — ice battleship Krasin

At the very beginning of its existence the ship bore the title "Svjatogor." Built ship Newcastle in the English commissioned by the Russian Federation has 20 first century. Construction involved in the company, "Sir Armstrong, Whitworth & Co °». It was created on the basis of the first ship of the ice ship "Ermak" improved project. Design of the ship "Svjatogor" designed by Russian Vice-Admiral S.Makarov, who has already been recognized by the time an oceanographer, was managing 2-Russian expeditions around the world. Build icebreaker start in January '16, and at the end of March 17 to "SVYATOGOR" St. Andrew's flag was flying, and ice-breaker is in the ranks of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

The main properties of the ice-breaker:
— 10.8 thousand tons displacement;
— length of 98.5 meters;
— width of 21.6 meters;
— 9.1 meters of sediment;
— DU — 3 motor, with total capacity of 10 thousand hp;
— speed of 15 knots;
— feature — the construction of the body in the form of eggs.

Operation of the ship
Service of the Fatherland the ship was not easy. Within a year, the ship was scuttled in the wake of the Northern Dvina River. The ship was used for closing the river and prevent the invaders ships inside the country. The British raised "Svjatogor" and put it into operation already under its flag. Ship based in Norway and did puzzles intended for England. By the beginning of the 20s a youthful Russian government began to require ships to move the ice. Talks on the return of the ship. The English were from the start turned positive, and the representative of the Russian government, and later the young salting and Minister of foreign trade Krasin, successfully concluding negotiations in '21. Ship RSFSR sell for 75 thousand fs The total price of the deal 375 thousand fs In '26 Krasin was gone, and his name is assigned to this ship.

28 year. Icebreaker is known throughout the world. Expedition, organized on the airship "Italia" in the amount of 16 man running Nobile, when returning from the North Pole, and more precisely from Alaska, suffers a tragedy, they reach up to 100 km of Spitsbergen. Go in search of 18 ships of various types and 21 aircraft. This included and Russian ships "Krasin" and "Maligin." Icebreaker "Krasin" sent north on the 82nd parallel. There has not walked more than one ship in the world. After 2 months, the ship reached the impassable ice. Breaks one of the blades on the screw. Icebreaker braked and then proceeded to search for the plane under control B.Chuhnovskogo. He found a 2-member crew of the crashed airship. Soon the "Krasin" gets to the hummock on which they were sitting. A little later icebreaker came to the camp, where the surviving members of the expedition. On the way back, coming in untainted water, the ship receives a telegram. Icebreaker need to come to the aid of the German "Monte Cervantes". On board the ship were 1.8 thousand passengers. "Monte Cervantes" collided with an iceberg and got a hole about Belzunda. The ship was surrounded by ice floes and icebergs. The crew of "Krasin", do not hesitate to vorachivaetsya the ice and makes its way to people in distress. For the salvation of men in this expedition ship reward the Order of the Red Banner.

30 years. Icebreaker performed various hikes in the scheduled operations, also conducted rescue expedition. At 34, the icebreaker was used to rescue the team drowned ship "Cheliuskin." This hike in the ship made unprecedented rapidity for such type of ship date. In '35 studied the Long Strait, 38, worked on the exemption from the shackles of ice icebreaker "Lenin". War "Krasin" met while in the Far East. To combat with the enemy icebreaker equipped with 6-76.2-mm cannon caliber, 3rd South American and universal instruments of the 7th 20-mm anti-aircraft guns "Oerlikon". To this was added 10 machine guns, "Browning". 6 of their caliber 12.7 and 4 other 7.62 mm. After the ship crosses the two arms of the ocean and joined the convoy PQ-15 is in Murmansk. He was assigned to the 4th column of convoy ships. During the war, the crew successfully conducted convoys punched way their ships and Allied ships, destroying enemy planes and ships. 300 awards received during the war, the crew of the ice ship "Krasin".

After the war veteran "Krasin" is Komsomol vessel. The crew consisted entirely of members of the Komsomol, the ship itself was headed by Russian glacial fleet. Up to 52 years the number of the best ice-ship in the world. After upgrading to the end of the 70s honestly served his own homeland. After re-equipped ship in energoplavbazu to ensure the ice expeditions. In the late 80's All-Union Society "Knowledge" takes icebreaker "Krasin" and he goes to Leningrad to carry the latter's own life — the ship-museum. At present, "Krasin" is on the waterfront is the l-Schmidt in the Mining Institute.

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